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  1. So, I'm kind of curious. Besides leolist and perhaps VIP favors where is there advertising for escorts? There is a website called escorts affairs which seems that every escort is too good to be true, almost all of them want a deposit and only take prepaid visa cards. Many even advertise in different cities and even different provinces all in the same day. Then there is yesbackpage which does a lot of the same. Has anyone had any luck on these sites?
  2. Thank you all for the encouragement, perhaps if I had read the guide for new clients on the first page of Lyla before trying I would have been more successful. I'm not really sure why the timings for locations is as important and concerning as it is but then I've not been in such a vulnerable position as these women place themselves daily then maybe I would understand. I am going to try again this time I will drive to Moncton. 3 hours drive for 1 hour with a beautiful short haired blonde woman sounds fantastic.
  3. I would like to ask the escorts to consider their clients. I can't speak for all clients obviously but I'm sure many feel as I do. You have a client because reality is not that great and you are a fantasy. You may be much younger than your client, I guess he is reliving his youth, please understand that his body parts may not work as well as they once did, if you think he doesn't realize that he can't do what he wants to trust me he does, when he does realize it he may just be happy to lay in your arms while you are both stark naked. You may be the only female comfort that he has had in a long time. Due to my wife's health I've not had sex in 13 years, however over such a long time I really didn't notice when the words I love you stopped, when she stopped hugging me and when she stopped kissing me. You ladies are there to be a comfort to someone in desperate need and your client may be as nervous of meeting you as you are of him. Not only do I agree that the escort industry is necessary in our society, I believe that peoples perception of escorts should be changed, you are often needed for comfort and the health of your clients. I would hope that with most older clients you will find that they are both generous as well as considerate of your needs and concerns. I for one have a philosophy, you may all have heard of the golden rule (He who has the gold makes the rules), well there is another rule that is greater than that, "She who owns the vagina makes the rules". I have had 3 encounters with escorts, all three have ended in disaster the first because she was new to it and I was nervous as hell so things didn't work, the second because she felt I was a bit too old (she thought my money was a good age though) and the third because of poor communication. I don't intend to use the services of an escort again.
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