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  1. She was fast and friendly to respond, able to see me within the hour without fuss, didn't try to scam me with no deposits or funny business and she's based centrally in east van by Skytrain. She has a Whole house. We had to be quiet entering so her dogs didn't go crazy as apparently they've been victims of a home invasion and howl at strangers which I was a little uneasy about when she said that but it was fine she has a dog room so they didn't bug us we got up stairs and to her room huge king size bed, AC and she had a wall sized nude from her ad fused on a metal canvas above her bed which I thought was impressive... And a turn on I gave her the cash and she got to the striptease to some calming music and asked if I'd like an organic unscented massage which I was delighted to accept! She has strong hands and knows how to use em! She let me move on at my pace and quickly turned over and she put a rubber on me with her mouth, talk about skill! Sucked me hard and asked if I wanted to fuck her while she layed in doggy sticking her beautiful ass in my face and of course I stuck it in... She really was just as tight as she said I came in minutes and she washed me off in the shower and fetched a towel and dried me off. Amazing service a much needed release indeed.
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