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  1. I'd like to throw my thoughts in as well to help give some east coaster representation for this amazing lady! Most of Leah's reviews are from West Coast but do not be afraid maritimers, this is one you will not want to miss out on! Leah's energy is contagious and addicting. Right from the get go I felt a pull towards her and she was so fun to be around. Amazing skills and tons of experience! I also highly, HIGHLY recommend hanging out with Leah and her bestie, Monroe if you can get the chance. 10/10 will definitely seek these goddesses out again for an mind blowing time.
  2. Wow, Wow, WOW. Seriously one of the best. Jade is so much fun to be with. Every little detail is worth taking in. Petite toned body, soft skin, long gorgeous hair, and a cute face!! Gentlemen believe me that she is real and will not waste your time. We had a nice chat to get to know each other at the start to put things at ease and the hotel location was fantastic! I absolutely will be meeting back up with Jade when she's available again.
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley tonight and my mind was blown. She has an amazing body and a super cute smile. I'm a pretty shy guy and she instantly put me to ease. She threw on some calming music and we got to talking about my job and even gave me some encouraging words. Seriously give her a chance guys Ashley is amazing :)
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