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  1. I finally made time to visit Tori Sloane — an escort I used to visit from time to time in Barrie. — who recently came out of "retirement." Tori is a classic MILF type. She reminds me vaguely of porn star Nina Hartley not only in terms of body type but personality. Tori is smart and has a perky "country girl" personality (a bit like Dolly Parton). I caught her when she was offering incalls in Barrie and booked an hour. She greeted me at the door wearing the pink lingerie in the photo. The door was left open for me and she asked that I just come in without knocking as she didn't want to draw attention from the cleaning staff who were in the hallway. After she took my coat and the money and we exchanged some pleasantries, Tori dropped to her knees and reminded me of her famous oral skills. Then we took a break and had some conversation on the small hotel room couch. Then we completed the encounter with a varied and memorable series of experiences on the king-size bed. I would like to go into more detail but I believe this website doesn't allow us to be too explicit. (If the mods tell me otherwise, I can offer more detail.) Let's just say that we indulged in everything listed on her website and I was very satisfied with the GFE/PSE experience. It was very relaxed, like being with my very own girlfriend or wife (if that wife was a kinky porn star! LOL) I will be visiting her again and likely trying a session with one of her duo partners. She is about 5'2" tall, busty and with round hips. She's sort of an ass man's dream. And she seemed to enjoy herself very much. If she was faking it, she deserves an Academy Award! So that's it — she's basically a nice person with whom you can converse, and the encounter is like meeting a co-worker with whom you're having a secret hot affair. Treat her nice, boys! We want to keep her around for as long as possible!
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