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Found 4 results

  1. Movies: I love the Jurassic park series as I love dinosaurs and even have a tattoo of some dinosaur skeletons; I love the pirates of the Caribbean series, Harry Potter, man on fire, jumamji (the original), a really lesser know movie called the 10th kingdom which is actually why I call my male dog my Prince Charming (it's fairy tales with a deadly twist you can find the 5 parts on YouTube), the pianist, casino, the first 3 lord of the rings although I still like the other ones, I love super heroes and thought black panther was amazing and I really liked iron man and the new spider man. But there's many more. Now tv shows: my all time favourite is heroes, and I love prison break amd supernatural second, charmed, once upon a time, greys anatomy, the walking dead (and fear the walking dead), the original Las Vegas csi, dexter was good too, killing eve, and there's more.. BUT HEY IF ANYONE HAS SUGGESTIONS FOR MOVIES OR TV SHOWS THEY THINK I'LL LIKE, QUOTE MY COMMENT
  2. A full-feature documentary film, Les Criminelles, by Quebec film maker Jean-Claude Lord, opened this past Friday in Montreal, playing in French only, at Cinema Quartier Latin and Cinema Beaubien. Here is the film trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=uA5oei4D0rg The film features interviews with various Montreal sex workers, including strippers who work at the Kingdom strip club, as well as escorts, erotic masseuses, a street worker, a tantric goddess, personnel at Stella, a sexologist and others. The documentary denounces the stigmatization and criminalization of sex work and powerfully illustrates the impact of the stigmatization and criminalization of sex work, in terms of compromising the safety of sex workers, and the impact on the lives of sex workers in general. In seeking to understand the root of society's attitude toward sex work, the film asks several questions: Why is sex for money illegal when sex in return for a meal at an expensive restaurant or a trip is perfectly acceptable? Why is nudity so offensive to so many people when portrayal of graphic violence is perfectly acceptable to these same people? What are the consequences for society of such hypocrisy? In arguing against the stigmatization and criminalization of sex work, the film deals extensively with the fact that a good part of the demonization of sex work is spearheaded by feminist groups, specifically radical feminists. The film points out that the laws against prostitution were written by men and date back to a time when women did not have full right rights, could not vote, and were not considered as full citizens. The film goes on to to highlight the fact that, ironically, today it is radical feminists who are in the forefront of the fight against prostitution, and that feminists who refuse to accept the fact that there are sex workers who have chosen their profession of their own free will, are essentially portraying these women as infantile, immature and incapable of making the right choices on their own, which is not much different from how men viewed women before the birth of feminism. The film compares the actions of these radical feminist groups who campaign for the abolition of sex work to the witch hunts of the 18th century. If you are in Montreal this week and understand French, the film is well worth seeing.
  3. Hello Everyone! I am still very new on this board, but wanted to introduce myself and give you a little gift from me to you! My Xmas Ytube clip... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIM7IMaUp8I Here are a few of my videos so you can see what I really look and sound like..... http://emilymarie-hosting.com/GettingReady.mp4 http://emilymarie-hosting.com/Cooking.mp4 I have also had some articles written on me that you may find interesting... http://mondaymag.com/articles/entry/companion-for-hire/ http://www.mondaymag.com/articles/entry/fantasy-girl-one-year-later I will be driving East this summer starting in mid April and touring all the way to Newfoundland! I look forward to discovering the East Coast and all the wonderful gentlemen ! Yours Truly, Emily Marie Ps. I am also open to East coast tips on traveling ;)
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