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Found 2 results

  1. this is not meant to excuse their lack of consideration, but i think a large number of men are completely oblivious to their body odor. i am constantly amazed how many times i encounter high level professionals who seem to have no idea how strong their stench is. i know some people that think by wearing obscene quantities of cologne that their underarm stink is masked, when the rest of us know that it isn't. this applies to breath too, i can't tell you how many times i've had meetings with people whose breath smells like a skunk crawled down their throat and died. now for people who are concerned about metals like aluminum being used to control perspiration, there are "natural" alternatives to the chemicals that the big companies use, so there's no excuse to smell like rotting pepperoni, people!!!
  2. Gentlemen, In light of recent events, I would like to bring a few respectful points to your attention regarding declined requests. "No" means what it means -NO- Nothing less, nothing more. It simply means no! Respect it and move on to someone else who will be able to provide you with what you are looking for without making a huge fuss about it and accusing the lady of having a bad attitude, especially when the request(s) are turned down gently and diplomatically. Please understand that when a lady already has a lot of pictures available for you to look at, she may not want to send you more pictures of herself because you want to see a specific body part. There are a multitude of reasons for her to decline politely and I do not think her personal or professional reasons should matter or made subject of pure assumptions after turning you down; If that specific body part picture is not available for you to look at before an encounter and if that specific picture is going to make or break an appointment, please look for ladies who already show what you are looking for. Furthermore, when a lady says she is not available to meet with you, she is NOT available to meet with you. Again, the reasons for her not being able to see you are irrelevant. Please, move on to someone who is without feeling the need to investigate as to why she was not available. It's quite creepy when I'm told, at a later time by a gentleman I wasn't available for, that after doing 'local inquiries' he was able to find out "why" I was not available to meet with him. Why the need to take it that far? No matter what your request is (extra pictures, specific 'sercives', ect, even a get together), when a lady declines, it is what it is and her preferences, choices and decisions should be respected even though you would've preferred otherwise. There is also no need to put her under a scrutinising eye and make silly assumptions when you do not get what you want. Acting out, being mean spirited, gossiping and the likes after the fact is never going to get you what you wanted in the first place... It is simply better to forget about it and move on. Gabriella
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