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ESCORT BUSINESS MODELS with Toronto examples

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Never 1 and 2 are combined?


I'm pretty sure I keep seeing an ad something about Eclectic Taste from Romance to Kink and more.. *shrug*


*starts to disintegrate since realizing her existence was only in her head*


Oh wait.. that's right. She doesn't say anything about sex because she doesn't sell that... so maybe that's what it is...ok I guess you are right.


I'm teasing Mr. Monk as I'm sure you know my humor by now via twitter, but... really... Its hard to say "Never" with something that has millions if not billions of contributors worldwide.


Kisses and hopefully no hard feelings. Meaning no disrespect, just trying to make you chuckle. You know me, always trying to make everyone laugh...often failing, but trying none-the-less.


Kisses to you and anyone who reads this,


xoxo xxx


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