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Suggestion for good hotels thank you

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Im wondering what some of your experiences are with hotels that are discreet, not key card access, and good for Incalls.

And which are hotels to avoid.

All suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance

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I'm not completely positive from a providers point of view but from seeing various travelling ladies in this area over the years, it seems the Podollan Inn & Spa is a popular location for many. The suites are very well thought out and spacious with a nice tub for soaking and a separate custom shower as well as a good restaurant with room service and from what I understand, a very good gym to work out. I have stayed there myself when venturing to GP and find it very nice.

Recently had a visit to the Hampton Inn & Suites out by the airport and it is quite nice as well. Not as centrally located though. Have visited a few SP's at the Pomeroy by the mall as well as the Holiday Inn Express. None of these require any special key card access to elevators and such and all seem to have friendly staff. 

Not sure if you are still looking and hope this helps. Safe travels.

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