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    Love the ladies who have the courage and confidence to do what they want. Despite what all the hypocrites say, there is nothing wrong with fun and happy professional encounters between consenting adults. Hopefully, I can maybe make some friends here along the way, too.
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  1. As a client who makes a conscious effort to always be my best when seeing an escort and return the kindness she shows, questions like this can be a little hard to take at times. Do I expect something? The only thing I expect is professionalism just the same as customers in my business expect that professionalism from me. Being friendly and "on point" all the time can be difficult and stressful. It is part of being in any service industry but it also is not something you should have to fake when the gent you are with is some misogynistic ass and turns you off by his behavior. I prefer Meaghan's response to this about it being genuine. I don't think this can or should be faked. It is also something that, like most things in life, is different for every individual. As far as your advertising and rates go, I have always encouraged women in this biz to do whatever she feels is necessary to be successful and happy. What I think is completely irrelevant. As a client, I either will book with you or I won't. I'm not really all that important in the big picture. That's all I can say about the whole rates thing. As for the social issue at large, my biggest problem in all of this is the misconception that all men expect this but are immune from it themselves. The notion that this is merely a woman's issue is false. To use some of the examples from that article, many's a day that I have had to smile and be friendly and all that other stuff at the workplace despite being exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally and also despite having customers treat me shitty and expect me to fix things. This also comes to relationships for us. Many of our S.O.'s expect us to be perfect and fix everything. If we somehow miss the slightest thing, we get the "talk" about how we don't appreciate her and yada, yada. I once was casually talking to someone at a luncheon about home repairs and such and said,"Yeah, I need to fix a couple things on my house this weekend." A week later, after stewing about it, my ex ambushed me for not saying "our house and am I not included BS". She's all crying and shit and I had to walk on eggshells for a long time over something that in hindsight was utterly trivial. That is only one example. I am a firm believer in gender equality. I don't like "man blaming" as some stereotype just as much as I don't believe in "mansplaining", guys trying to explain women's issues to women. I'm not gonna try to tell you what to do and I'm not trying to seem dismissive to the issue. I just wanted to point out that it really isn't just some either/or scenario. It's complicated just like all human issues. All we can do is try to have empathy for others and do our best to walk in their shoes, so to speak.
  2. peacectryguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Another classic favorite of mine.
  3. peacectryguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Another beautiful song with great guitar from the master himself
  4. peacectryguy

    Best Song....put yours

    One of the best love songs The Beatles ever recorded , imo.
  5. peacectryguy

    What makes you say " WTF?"

    The next guy that asks that, you should tell him to send you the $80 and his mailing address and you will send him a bottle of Nivea hand lotion so he doesn't irritate it while home alone watching p**n , lmao. 🤣
  6. peacectryguy

    What makes you say " WTF?"

    I truly had a WTF moment when I first saw this story on Twitter and then read more about what exactly happened. All I could think of was all the idiots after the Parkland school shooting in Florida talking about arming school teachers to prevent school shootings. https://www.wptv.com/news/local-news/water-cooler/6-year-old-shot-outside-texas-mcdonalds-by-security-guard-chasing-a-shoplifting-suspect Texas justice. Let's fire shots all over the place to stop a shop lifter. Really fortunate it wasn't much worse than it was.
  7. peacectryguy

    Phonecalls from the Wife.

    I think, aside from the stupidity of calling while the wife was nearby, the real problem I have with this guy is that he feels it's okay to harass an escort about "not being available" whenever he pleases. Rule #1 in seeing escorts is mutual respect. His actions show a serious lack of it, imo. The ladies I have seen on multiple occasions and I consider friends in this biz have always done their utmost to accommodate me and treat me well and when the very odd time has happened that they were already booked or didn't call back right away, I was understanding and courteous about it. You women can't be everything for everybody all the time. It's just a fact of life. Being selfish and petty serves no purpose. That is my 2 cents fwiw.
  8. peacectryguy

    Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

    I think that's a good point about them. For something that truly requires extensive diagnostics and more serious repairs, the "certified tech" stuff is somewhat valid. They have the diagnostic tools and training to figure out exactly what is wrong. Beyond that, it's a scam and the "void your warranty" crap is utter B.S. imo. Of course, if it's a lease, then they really have you under their thumb because they technically, still own the vehicle. However, for general maintenance stuff, you have some pimply faced kid right out of high school and the service manager doing a quick visual check when he's done. So it's really hit and miss in that regard. Some kids are really good and have the aptitude and other's don't. I have always done my own oil changes. It's easy to do but I understand that not everyone is comfortable doing mechanical things. As for the cost, it usually costs me about $50 for material because I use full synthetic and a little higher end filter and it takes up about a half hour of my time. 10 minutes at Can Tire or NAPA or whatever and 15-20 doing it. Obviously, the dealers get their parts, oil, etc a lot cheaper.
  9. peacectryguy

    Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

    Lol, RG, I'm kinda the same way about being honest. Usually for me, it has less to do with the business I'm dealing with and more to do with the employee across the counter. Like if the cashier gives me the wrong change or something. Heaven forbid the poor kid gets fired because their float doesn't add up at the end of the day. As for car dealerships, I doubt that I would be as honest as you however. Their service departments bill out every minute and every nut and bolt and never cut anyone any slack. Sometimes even doing the repairs before even getting the okay from the customer. I would take the free oil change and be quite happy. I guess $83.00 in this day and age isn't much but I'd take it. But you are right in the sense that it is dishonest. Cheers.
  10. I think whether the guy was a client, driver, bodyguard, or whatever, it just is bad form to be out in the hall when a client is leaving. A client shouldn't even get a room number until after you are long gone. I have never been texted a room number until the lady is fully ready. Sometimes I have waited an extra 5 or 10 mins in my vehicle and I'm okay with that. Hell, I don't even go into the hotel until she gives the go ahead. Driver's are usually contacted afterward as well. Security has always been and should be invisible unless needed. And I'm in the same camp with those who mentioned clients being back to back. Any reputable provider allows at least a half hour between finishing one appointment and starting another. Honestly, that goes for almost every service but is especially important in this one for the obvious reasons. I don't know what her situation is in this case but I would not give her a reco or ever see her again regardless of how good her service was during our time together.
  11. peacectryguy

    Ontario Saying Goodbye To Drive Clean

    This part of the article says all we need to know about emission testing. But as cars got cleaner and cleaner, the then $35 test became an irritant for drivers especially after it was revealed by the auditor general of Ontario that the vast majority of vehicles pass and the worst polluting vehicles were exempt from testing. I lived in Washington State for a while and they had the same thing. Because my Pick-up came from Canada, even though fairly new and very well serviced and maintained, I had to do the tests every year to get my tabs. At the same time, countless cars and trucks on the freeway every day polluting like crazy because they were old enough to be exempt from the test. Like you say, nothing but a cash grab and an utter waste of time.
  12. Lol, RG, We have a dope too. And yeah, that was a bit of a groaner.
  13. This shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone. The US is one of the most backwards countries in the world when it comes to customs and immigration. They have had a long standing policy of refusing entry to Canadians with the most minor of very old criminal offenses. But rich Russian gangsters have flooded the country in recent years with extensive criminal records and they turn a blind eye. I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine in real estate who actually bought a house in Texas and spent $7000+ on immigration lawyers trying to get a green card only to continually be stymied by red tape and utter bullshit until she finally gave up and sold the place and stayed here. It's almost like Canadians are not welcome other than sports stars, actors and medical fields. Just don't rock their fucking holier than thou boat.
  14. Took the words right out of my mouth. Enjoy the moment and be a good client. All the rest doesn't matter to me. When I see an escort, I don't need her to think of me as her best . I just want her to be happy to have met me and to look forward to repeat visits because we had fun and enjoyed each other's company.
  15. peacectryguy

    Providers' websites

    I am also one of those guys that looks at a website as a positive and use it as part of my decision making process. It's not just about looking at photos either, although a nice array of photos is quite nice to look at. I read the bio which is usually more detailed than the ad. It also helps to see what her likes and dislikes are. How professional she is and her specific protocols for how she wishes an encounter to proceed. Certain contact info, her wish list if I am inclined to bring a little gift which I often do and as was pointed out, what if the other ad sites are attacked or go down. It helps you ladies to keep yourselves advertising without having to rely on outside forces. Having said all that, I realize that those of us posting on here who read these websites and ads thoroughly are probably somewhat in the minority when it comes to men but maybe that can help in the overall screening process too. When a guy contacts you who obviously has made the effort to go about things in the proper manner, it is likely a good sign that he is a client worth having, imo. I've also always believed that a positive presence on forums like this helps in the screening process. References from other providers are also important but in my experience in the hobby, I have honestly never had to provide one even though I've offered. I don't know if that is even a good answer to all this but I do understand and sympathize with you ladies for all the idiots out there that just don't "get it". Believe me when I say you are not alone in this. It's people in general these days. They are all like ADHD 4 yr olds. They want what they want and right now. I get it in my business as well.