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    Love the ladies who have the courage and confidence to do what they want. Despite what all the hypocrites say, there is nothing wrong with fun and happy professional encounters between consenting adults. Hopefully, I can maybe make some friends here along the way, too.
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  1. That is my thoughts as well. I am really not as hung up on the particulars because I find it takes away some of the spontaneous and natural flow. Of course, there are a lot of guys out there who are very particular but even suggesting certain acts can be problematic with those types. They don't seem to grasp the concept of YMMV.
  2. I've done a few e-transfer deposits and even paid in full in advance a couple times without any issues. Of course, I'm talking about SP's who are well known and reputable as well. And some ladies that I already know have had to start asking for deposits and I am willing to oblige them because I understand why. They have been getting so many cancellations and no-shows that it is something they have to do to protect their business. As for the LL fly by night types, that is a different story altogether. If it seems sketchy or shady, it likely is.
  3. peacectryguy

    Small Town Hobbying

    On a few occasions, I've visited touring ladies at one of the local hotels where the staff knows who I am because I have done service work for them. That can be a little awkward but like you RG, I have a quick back story at the ready if I'm asked. Honestly, I think they know why I'm there anyway but I have never been asked. I never walk in nervous or shifty looking and always make eye contact with the staff and say hello. I have only been asked by staff one time if I needed assistance. I simple told them no thank you and made my way casually to the elevator.
  4. peacectryguy

    Small Town Hobbying

    I often have had no choice but to drive to nearby bigger cities but when I have had touring ladies visiting my smaller town and I've been driving my work truck that everybody knows, I have at times parked at Walmart or Canadian Tire and walked over to her hotel. I don't have the SO issue to deal with but sometimes customers could get curious and ask questions. Obviously, it all depends on what you have in your town for shopping options and how close they are to the hotel or incall.
  5. peacectryguy

    sexual assault?

    Very well said and I agree. Especially about how this topic would be or is received on more mainstream social media. I've noticed that even making comments on Twitter to escorts that support their need for courtesy and respect will often illicit some negative responses from some men out there. Comments like,"don't be such a pussy." and what-not. Of course, usually from some younger macho dude who wants to be an internet tough guy and somehow thinks this is attractive to women. What they fail to realize is that being a gentleman and treating women with their due respect is actually more "manly" in many women's eyes. I don't need to "act tough" or be an asshole because I am confident in who I am as a man.
  6. peacectryguy

    sexual assault?

    I agree with others that this is definitely a form of sexual assault. There really isn't a "grey area" in that. Obviously, alcohol played a factor here and she acknowledged that in her halfhearted apology. But perhaps someone should sit down with her and ask her to think about how she would feel or react if the shoe was on the other foot. I've never really done the strip club experience. It's just not something I have any interest in but from what I understand, they have pretty strict rules about how far us gents can go and we are in big trouble if we cross boundaries. I don't think she should get off the hook here just because people think we are just a bunch of horn dogs and pervs because we are men.
  7. peacectryguy

    What a woman really wants

    That's interesting. Honestly, I can't give very much insight on the lack of sex. For my ex and me, the sex was never really a problem. We were both very oral and passionate in bed. One negative in our sex life was that she had a tough time with natural lubrication. Not always but often and would be quite painful for me. We would have to use lubes which I sometimes find I have to be careful with because some of them gave me a burning sensation. That could be a turn off for me and make it difficult to maintain an erection. Of course, with escorts, having a condom on prevents that situation so lubes are fine. The one thing I find interesting in that post was the women saying when they tried something new, the guy would show a hint of jealousy or suspicion. I was never that way and actually, she would often interrogate me about how many women I had been with and where I learned this or that. That was also very off putting for me. As for what women want, I've been pretty good about the sexual part. It's all the other emotional and mental stuff that I will likely never figure out.
  8. Recently watched "Outlaw King" on Netflix. Historical drama of the Scottish rebellion following the death of William Wallace (Braveheart). Chris Pine portrays Robert the Bruce who took back Scotland from King Edward and at the end Edward II. Three very good movies that I picked up on Blu-ray this year were... Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Gritty, edgy and very good acting performances by Francis McDormand and Sam Rockwell.. Hell or High Water. Gritty crime drama of two brothers robbing a bank that was trying to legally rob people in Texas and then using the stolen money to pay off the mortgage to that very same bank before foreclosure. Hostiles. A very disturbing portrait of the treatment of the Native American people in the west and the real human toll that it took on those involved. And in the end, how a man filled with a lot of hate came to realize that a person's race does not define right & wrong or good & evil as he comes to admire and respect his most hated enemy. Excellent performances by Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike.
  9. peacectryguy

    Scandalous ;)

    I don't know the lady but from reading that, "feisty" might be understating things. I'm not one to believe in total political correctness but she appears to have no filter and appears to get angry rather easily. And I agree with RG on the trust factor if she revealed anything confidential in nature. Maybe I'm off base about her though. It isn't a good look though.
  10. peacectryguy

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    Yeah, 26 is far from a teenager and her being so defensive would always be a turn off for me. I won't ask the details of the exchange and won't make judgements either but sometimes how we handle these things says a lot too. I also think there are always ways to advertise subtly without committing to a specific age group. For example, I've seen several women who have advertised as a "young looking, mature companion". I realize that for some clients, that might be a little too obscure but at least, we might not be as surprised. Last year, I did have an occasion to have a date with a lady who advertised she was in her 40's. She could have easily passed for a woman in her 30's imo but during our date, she admitted to me that she was actually 52. With our conversation and chemistry, she felt that she could be honest with me without me being upset. She was right, of course and it was a fantastic encounter for both of us. Now, with someone else, that could have turned out completely different so I guess we have to take that for what it is.
  11. peacectryguy

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    I think sometimes the age thing can be a bi-product of the clients in this biz and some of the review boards that cater to the misogynists out there. I can somewhat understand a ladies desire to maximize her clients potential. And there are a lot of guys out there who are looking for that ego boost of being with a young 20 something woman with that certain look. Having said that, I sometimes think an escort has to take a step back for just a minute and decide if these are really the type of clients she wants. I think embracing her age could be beneficial for her to attract clients that respect her for more than just a hot body and sexual skill. For some of us and I know we are likely in the minority, we embrace a woman's other attributes. Her inner confidence, honesty and down to earth qualities as well as the outer beauty. For me, at least, I enjoy the company of women of all ages, body types, race, whatever because I look deeper than just the image and age. I would never tell an escort how to run her own business model but maybe she just has to adjust that from time to time. I don't really know anything though.
  12. peacectryguy

    Natural or Shaved

    I think that is the biggest thing from my standpoint in regards to her as well. There is a certain turn off with a "stubble". I don't mind hair or smooth but the in between just seems weird to me. As for me, I keep myself completely smooth down there, partly for the ladies but mostly just because I don't like hair around my genitals. I'd like to do laser removal at some point.
  13. peacectryguy

    This Can't be Real

  14. peacectryguy

    Facial hair?

    I've never had this conundrum. At 59, I still can't grow a beard, lol. Hell, I only have to shave every 2-3 days. I'm the polar opposite of those guys that have a 5 o'clock shadow at 1:45 in the afternoon. But I do make sure I am clean shaven before any date.
  15. Thank you Melanie. Okay, maybe I went a little off track in some respects but parts of that article really pissed me off. The following quote, for example. There was some stuff in there that was not a case of emotional labor. I mean the cleaning up after office celebrations etc., I can kinda understand but a lot of that is a case of a woman trying to "fix" everything for people and being the center of attention. That article was not a clear definition of this at all, imo. Like I said, I'm not being dismissive here. It's just a bad example. Constantly smiling, making small talk, planning birthday celebrations, cleaning up after celebrations. This labor extended to her personal relationships, too—endless texting to help siblings through breakups, evaluating whether friends’ hookups were fully consensual, cleaning her roommate’s dishes.