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    I'm just a regular guy with an appetite for good things. I'm way out west and likely will never get a chance to meet many of you in person but the internet allows me to have meaningful dialogue with like minded individuals and the distance no longer matters. I believe in respect and courtesy and intelligent conversation. I come here to escape at times but also to read peoples thoughts and perhaps share my own on this industry that so many people do not understand. Hopefully make some friends along the way. Cheers, all.
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  1. That was a great read. I think we could all do well to continue to look at ourselves and think about our perceptions and our attitudes. As you stated @Daysha Love, it's about educating ourselves and also about listening to people's experience. Then putting all the nonsense aside about race and color and just liking each other for who we are. Thank you @lydiahardwood for this thread.
  2. Actually Sugar, another fella started it but he was quite reasonable and courteous and thanked us for the input. This is a different guy.
  3. I agree and I apologize for getting defensive. These types of threads, more often than not, deteriorate into an argument that is pointless.
  4. Actually, nobody ever claimed that scammers never post ads on LL. Of course they do and I have stated so. I never claimed it was rare so don't say I did. You were the one that claimed 2/3 of women no-show or scam and I merely responded to RG's post that refutes that claim. Mostly the no-show part.
  5. I agree. I don't see the name change making any difference. The site is already integrated onto Leolists header for all to see and as you noted earlier @Greenteal, the google search has Lyla at the top of the search page when you type in escort review boards for Canada. Again, for me, it really doesn't matter that much but I can see why some members have concerns.
  6. I think guys will find that all the ladies that tour will require advance bookings with deposits. It has become the the norm, rather than the exception. And it's not just Ft. Mac or Grande Prairie. It's everywhere, be it Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver or whatever. Far too many people out there not acting right making the honest ones have to deal with the repercussions. I spent 6 years in the Peace area and lots of ladies tour there regularly. Mostly without incident but it only takes a few bad experiences to change things. When I last visited with Athena Lust, she was very worried about having to require deposits from her trusted clients but because even a few of those cancelled or no showed, she had no choice. Some guys get on their high horse about it and swear up and down they won't do it but it's happening for a reason. Fwiw, I have never taken issue with it because I understand it. It's not isolated to this service industry either. Virtually every business requires pre-payment or deposit of some sort. And sometimes bad shit happens from either or both sides of the business transaction. Hell, construction companies, for years, have been ripped off by big corporations and developers. I guess I'm just saying it's our society as a whole. We get focussed in on this industry because of the intimate nature of it and because that's our reason for being on this site. But the bottom line is, everywhere we go and every business dealing we have has the possibility of going bad because of the nature of humans. We can only try to be our best and do our own due diligence to help our odds in avoiding pitfalls but there are no guarantees.
  7. Yeah, in 7+ years, I have had 2 or 3 no shows, and never been scammed out of my money. This while spending the majority of that time in the oil patch. Probably 75-85 encounters with several different ladies. As I said earlier in this thread, most of those scammers are pretty easy to spot when you think with the big head.
  8. I am a fan as well and have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Athena and getting to know her. And as great a person as the one you see online, the real person is even more wonderful. Great nomination RG. Our world needs to recognize the wonderful people and we can always use more positive energy in these troubling times.
  9. That's a good point . When you see an ad for $150/hr or less, it is always suspect. But there are quite a few cheapskate idiots out there who will jump at it . Of course, a quick reverse image search will usually prove that the ad is fake. Had two of them out here in Kamloops just yesterday on LL advertising for 150. Quick search and they are IG models in NYC. I only searched to satisfy my curiosity after posting on here about scammers. Fwiw, I've met lots of ladies of LL and before that BP that were legit and great. Some do not interact on forums or review boards by choice. Some are local girls who only do this part time. Or ladies that live in nearby cities that just come up for a weekend trip. To me, it's less about the site and more about me just using common sense. I don't have the benefit of living in a large city with the resources such as Lyla so LL becomes more of a necessity.
  10. Absolutely @Greenteal. My point was merely regarding the provider taking time out to text or call or receive a call during the appointment. Normally, that's a sore point with most clients, including myself but if I am aware for this reason, I am okay with it.
  11. Ha ha, no, that one would seriously not be good. I'm trying to figure out if "Johnny cum lately" is a good thing or bad thing. Cheers Bonnie. 😁
  12. As a client, I don't mind that if I'm informed. I met a lady once who did this and told me that she had security nearby and would be checking in twice during our hour. I had no issue with it. If she was spending more time on her phone setting up other bookings or just chit chatting, then I would not be happy. But security and being transparent about that is a good thing in my books.
  13. I have never really cared to be called a hobbyist even before I saw that a lot of people look on the term negatively. I will say that the term isn't nearly as bad as trick or john. My name isn't John so I am not "a" John, "the" John or "one of the" Johns. And the term "trick" is just loaded with all kinds of negative stuff and really just sounds wrong. Hobbyist seemed to be a nice euphemism for awhile but as usual, people ( namely misogynist idiots) have managed to fuck that up too. I guess client is okay but when I introduce myself, I prefer gentleman. I'm kind of an old soul in that regard. I do have one lady friend in the industry who nicknamed me "Peachy". I kinda like that one, always puts a little smile on my face.
  14. I'm very sorry for your friend and hope that somehow, this guy is brought to justice. All other SPs in your area need to be warned about him and I would hope your local police have the sense to not judge your friend and do their damn job. I'm glad your friend has support from you and you continue to support her any way you can. I don't know the answer but hope she recovers okay and gets the help she needs to A) deal with the physical and emotional trauma and B) get justice. Hopefully, we get this idiot behind bars before he does this again or worse, kills someone.
  15. I would just ad that a quick reverse image search can help immensely in avoiding some pitfalls, A lot of the scammers steal pictures from other ladies ads or from other sites. As much as the images can draw our attention to the ads, they can be misleading. This is somewhat sad as many of these beautiful ladies invest a lot of time & energy into these fantastic professional shoots as well as a financial investment. But again, it's about the total package of the ads and sites. As for Leolist, it is basically Backpage under a new name. The whole "verified photo" thing is stupid and means absolutely nothing. Another thing to check is if the same ad is posted in more than one city at the same time. Scammers will flood Leolist like chumming the waters fishing. As for the ladies on sites like this, they are here because they are professionals. You will find that the deposits are a necessity that will be the standard rather than the exception. This is due to all those asshats out there who no show and cancel and waste these ladies' time. We should look at it as a good thing from our perspective. How many times do one of us good clients end up not being able to see one of these lovely ladies because of these guys. It's not fair that she loses out on a good client because of some idiot timewaster.
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