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    I think it's about time for a profile update and upgrade. My name is Ernie but obviously, on forums like this, I get called Peace. Fwiw, I've been given the nickname "Peachy" by a couple of lovely ladies in this industry. That always garners a smile from me. I'm 61 years young and been around the block a bit in my life. I'm just a poor, working stiff (pun intended). I'm not rich or highly educated and I'm very much imperfect. But I do feel I am honest, kind hearted and Intelligent.
    I've been enjoying the pleasure of the companionship of escorts for about 8 years now and kicking myself for not discovering this sooner. I could have avoided marriage and a whole lot of misery but c'est la vie. Onward I go in life. I can honestly say without hyperbole or exaggeration that escorts have proven to be the most honest and genuine people I have met over the years. I appreciate you all. I also appreciate and respect the gents on here who are intelligent and articulate and have helped educate me in all of this. Although I haven't met most of you, I do consider many of you friends. Thank you for this refuge lyla.ch.
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  1. I had my first (phizer) vaccine in early May. I have since relocated but will get my second as soon as I am able. Having said that, I worked for over a year during this thing in close proximity to literally hundreds of people and never got covid. Not saying I'm immune or invincible. But I do have a very good immune system and practice eating habits and healthy living habits that bolster my immune system. I truly believe that this is as important as any other measures. I also follow safety protocols such as social distancing all the time, regardless of this pandemic.
  2. I had my first dose last week. We got the Phizer one here from the BC gov. Prior to that, I had my usual blood tests done at the end of April as well as other screening. That included the Covid19 anti-body test which I was negative. I knew I would be but it's just there when needed as I am planning to move to the east coast for my retirement. Hopefully, these things make it easier. As for the vaccine itself, the nurse told me flat out this is not a cure-all or complete provention. As with all these things, I'm smart enough to know that. For me, I've spent this entire pandemic (up until April 14) working in close quarters with hordes of the general public who are mostly morons with no regard for anyone else. I have come through it unscathed thanks to a very good immune system helped by natural boosters in my diet. I live healthy, eat healthy but I have not stopped seeing people. My only real take on this is that hopefully governments get these vaccines out there as quickly and efficiently as possible and get us back to some semblence of normality. Enough with mass lockdowns and trying to somehow put pandora back in the box. It really doesn't work.
  3. Yep. That's me too. I will totally tell it lke it is and keep it real. But I have no jealousy or envy or any of that negative stuff in me.
  4. On me, probably my physique. Slim but well toned. I think others might say my gentle eyes though. As for others, I'm not really concious of a particular thing. Maybe when a person's eyes light up and you can see their smile in them without even seeing their mouth. Reminds me of my childhood and my old Scottish grandma (my stepdad's mom). Her soft blue eyes would light up like the North star when she was happy. Ok, now I went and made myself cry, dammit.
  5. A little more serious response from me. As a very young child (4-6), I had a fascination with numbers and problem solving. I would have liked to be a mathematician. As I grew older and any thought of university was off the table, I ended up in a trade and realized that I have a particular talent for building things and a love of architecture. I now enjoy refurbishing and remodeling old houses. Carpentry is a joy to me but all aspects of it are fun.
  6. Interesting. Mine are sun;scorpio, moon; cancer. I don't know what time of day I was born though so can't do the ascending. The overview in my sun sign is remarkably accurate though. If one was to show my co-workers, my guess is they would say it describes me to a tee.
  7. There are alteratives to latex and most providers I've seen have a variety. Supposedly, they are more likely to break than latex but I've never seen it. I've used Skyn lots of times with no issues. Some ladies have a latex allergy. My ex did but we never used condoms, of course. I think if a guy is truly allergic to latex, he should likely communicate that ahead of time so she can be prepared. Of course, we could have a long conversation on the lack of communication by people these days.
  8. I sometimes wonder how I got through the 70s and 80s without getting an std/sti or knocking up some girl. I'm thinking one of the more common ones are, "I've never worn one and have been safe so I don't need to". Yeah, I was young and stupid once too there youngsters.
  9. Speaking of inflatable dolls, does Otto the pilot from Airplane qualify as an inflatable for women? I tried to post a photo but not sure how.
  10. A long, long time ago in my youthful exuberance I tried that. It was not very fulfilling or even good. It was in the garbage a few days after.
  11. I can understand the insecurity part. Men, for all our outer bravado, machoism or whatever you call it, are for the most part, insecure about themselves. I do think guys should think about the pleasure more and not worry over the trivial things. One thing about the stimulation of "tools" is it helps to overcome the de-sensitization caused by the condom. I think most guys if they thought about that would be more open to it. Just my thought on it though.
  12. @Kitten, I like that idea of a variety of toys. Obviously, not all guys would be into that and would be more about the flesh to flesh touch as you say but I would find a combination of both to be very stimulating. I was with a lady once who used her vibrator while I came in from behind. Kind of a man/ machine DP if you will. Not only did the combination give her great pleasure but I found the tingle of the vibrator on me to be a huge turn-on.
  13. I have indeed signed it when I saw the link on Twitter. But thanks for posting this Phaedrus. We really need this industry made safer and better for all involved and this is a positive first step. I only hope rational minds in government can prevail and not be coerced by do-gooders with no concept of the realities.
  14. This is actually a good topic to explore and talk about in a rational, intelligent manner. Most of us men have been programmed from an early age by our fathers, peers and the overall male patriarchy that masturbation and especially butt play are some terrible, evil thing. We are taught that if we find pleasure in anything that involves having something in our anus, it means we are homosexual. As I have become more experienced and sexually self aware, I realize that most of this is a fallacy based solely on homophobia. For me, masturbation has always been enjoyable and for the majority of my life, a necessity. As someone that was single for a very long time and only married for a short time, relatively speaking, in middle age, finding a sex partner wasn't always easy. I did alright but I didn't really discover this wonderful lifestyle until my 50s. After discovering this world and exploring my sexuality deeper including my introduction to transgender, I realized that I can be a heterosexual male but still enjoy other aspects that have always been taboo. After I realized this and quit worrying about the trivial nonsense, I not only enjoyed the company of some very lovely transgender escorts but also bought myself an anal vibrator. I have also enjoyed some strap on play. Those and also having some companions give me a prostate massage has really opened my eyes to great experiences. I have found that stimulating the prostate has greatly enhanced my orgasms and frankly, the ejaculation is much greater. I now realize that the programming was flawed and both masturbation and butt play should not be feared or dismissed. Maybe not for everybody, I know but relax and don't be afraid to try new things, I say. Sorry if this was a little long winded, my friends. Cheers all and wishing for an end to covid and a healthy dose of sex for all, lol.
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