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    Love the ladies who have the courage and confidence to do what they want. Despite what all the hypocrites say, there is nothing wrong with fun and happy professional encounters between consenting adults. Hopefully, I can maybe make some friends here along the way, too.
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    average, hard- working guy who likes to have a little fun..

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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. Enjoy the moment and be a good client. All the rest doesn't matter to me. When I see an escort, I don't need her to think of me as her best . I just want her to be happy to have met me and to look forward to repeat visits because we had fun and enjoyed each other's company.
  2. peacectryguy

    Providers' websites

    I am also one of those guys that looks at a website as a positive and use it as part of my decision making process. It's not just about looking at photos either, although a nice array of photos is quite nice to look at. I read the bio which is usually more detailed than the ad. It also helps to see what her likes and dislikes are. How professional she is and her specific protocols for how she wishes an encounter to proceed. Certain contact info, her wish list if I am inclined to bring a little gift which I often do and as was pointed out, what if the other ad sites are attacked or go down. It helps you ladies to keep yourselves advertising without having to rely on outside forces. Having said all that, I realize that those of us posting on here who read these websites and ads thoroughly are probably somewhat in the minority when it comes to men but maybe that can help in the overall screening process too. When a guy contacts you who obviously has made the effort to go about things in the proper manner, it is likely a good sign that he is a client worth having, imo. I've also always believed that a positive presence on forums like this helps in the screening process. References from other providers are also important but in my experience in the hobby, I have honestly never had to provide one even though I've offered. I don't know if that is even a good answer to all this but I do understand and sympathize with you ladies for all the idiots out there that just don't "get it". Believe me when I say you are not alone in this. It's people in general these days. They are all like ADHD 4 yr olds. They want what they want and right now. I get it in my business as well.
  3. peacectryguy

    Very Hard Communication

    And let's not forget that these women don't need nor want dick pics. Not even Dick Van Dyke or Dick Clark or Dick Tracy. Just sayin'. 😁
  4. peacectryguy

    Very Hard Communication

    Thank you Ruby. That is the whole thing, right. It's simple and to the point and courteous to you ladies. I know from chatting with several of you how utterly annoying it can be to be inundated with the stale "Hi, u avail?" crap. I can't say I blame most of you for ignoring the one-liners.
  5. Here's a little song that I don't think anyone could go wrong with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exjwf2_e_-E
  6. peacectryguy

    Profile of a Backpage / CL Sting Post

    It's ironic for me that even before I found reputable forums like this, I was never duped by fake ads and such. To me, reading certain ads just are too obvious. Of course, I have always been a little more patient with my process and don't let the little head do the thinking. And maybe my "spidey" senses are just pretty good, i don't know. As for LE and C-36, I remember when all the BS was happening, posting here and elsewhere that it is just in no way cost effective or prudent for LE to spend the resources to try and set up stings as an independent escort at an incall location and try to catch johns that way. Aside from the underage stings which the johns were frankly, idiots to fall for and deserved to be busted for booking with a 16 yr old, the only real enforcement has been at the street level and the trafficking side which is not unexpected and was the case long before the bill. Having said that, resources like Lyla and other reputable forums where clients and providers can interact are invaluable and beneficial to keeping us all happy, healthy and safe. Cheers all.
  7. peacectryguy

    Being turned away.

    I've never completely understood the old "pictures aren't accurate" thing, tbh. I get that most guys are visual creatures by nature but even photos that aren't touched up or anything rarely are exact. Cameras have come a long way and selfies are all the rage and so on but depending on lighting and angles and all kinds of other factors, the real life in front of someone and the photo can have anywhere from subtle differences to things that are very different. I just don't see it as a deal breaker but again, I understand that some guys can be extremely specific in what they want or envision in an encounter. Having said that, perhaps he could have been more tactful and perhaps your reaction to his offer could have been less emotional but what's done is done. It's water under the bridge now. You probably should have accepted the offer and been compensated for your travel time but too late now. I guess this isn't much of an answer but chalk it up to experience and try not to take it too personally. Cheers and be safe out there.
  8. peacectryguy

    Best compliment you ever got?

    Love all these stories. For me, there have been a few ladies that complimented me on the shape I'm in for a guy in his 50's. One lady said she wanted to ask me for ID because she would swear I was in my early 30's. A lady once responded to a review gushing over how she loved my physique. Most can't believe that I've never set foot in a gym. The best one ever though, by far, was when a lovely lady (now retired from the biz) was travelling up my way on tour. I had pre-booked with her and was chatting with her in a chatroom a couple days before when she informed me that one of her oldest and dearest friends had passed away that week. I immediately offered to reschedule for another time or whatever she needed while trying to console her as she was very upset. She insisted on coming anyway and when she got settled in and I came to see her at her hotel, I entered and we hugged and I looked her in the eyes and simply asked,"are you alright?" She immediately burst into tears and gave me a huge hug and said, "You are the only one who has asked that simple question and that is why I went through with the decision to come here." I told her if she wanted that we could just lay in each other's arms and she said ,"Hell no, I really need to make love to you. You are a true friend and I just need to be with you to take my mind off it." That session was one of the most intense that I've ever had with an SP. Probably because of the emotional aspect, of course. She has since commented that she thinks of me as a sexier and more mature version of one of her old BFs. The two of us were always able to keep the professional side of this professional while becoming truly good friends. We still email back and forth once in a while to catch up and chat. She tells me of some of her wild escapades while asking about all the sexy ladies I've visited since she retired. Finding friendship in this is always a great compliment and I can honestly say that there are a few ladies that I feel are friends.
  9. This is it in a nutshell. I visit sp's in hotels all the time and there is no problems whatsoever. Lots of times, after our rendezvous, if the lady doesn't have other appointments booked or some such other commitment, I have taken her to dinner if she is okay with it. We walk together through the lobby and I would bet 99% of the staff knows her and why she is there. Actually, many ladies in this biz have a great working relationship with hotel staff. I have gone to hotels where the staff knows me also and walked by, waved hello and smiles back and forth and I'm pretty sure they can figure out why I'm there and I really don't care. Storm troopers aren't going to come and knock down the door. I think we all worry too much and it takes away from the fun. Just my 2 cents, tho.
  10. I'm not completely positive from a providers point of view but from seeing various travelling ladies in this area over the years, it seems the Podollan Inn & Spa is a popular location for many. The suites are very well thought out and spacious with a nice tub for soaking and a separate custom shower as well as a good restaurant with room service and from what I understand, a very good gym to work out. I have stayed there myself when venturing to GP and find it very nice. Recently had a visit to the Hampton Inn & Suites out by the airport and it is quite nice as well. Not as centrally located though. Have visited a few SP's at the Pomeroy by the mall as well as the Holiday Inn Express. None of these require any special key card access to elevators and such and all seem to have friendly staff. Not sure if you are still looking and hope this helps. Safe travels.
  11. P.S. Of course, we could always put on some dance tunes and dance around naked in the incall. A little "twist", a little "slow waltz". I'd have to learn how to do the tango or some of those other ones though, lol. 😁
  12. I've always been partial to a smooth jazz vibe or soft soul music but as I meet more and more of you beautiful ladies, I've become much more open minded, as long as it isn't too loud to be distracting. I like the thought of Diana Krall and Nora Jones but have heard certain hip hop lately that wasn't distracting and quite good. Of course, I don't think you can go wrong with the likes of Marvin Gaye (Let's Get it On) or Barry White (Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Baby) but maybe I'm dating myself a little here. 😉
  13. Honestly, Jessica, this is one of those very subjective things that is really hard to answer. I guess you will eventually get enough votes to make an informed decision. I realize that there will always be a few guys that are very specific in what they want when it comes to look or body style or whatever it may be and that is alright for them. I might be in the minority where the photos are just a small part of what attracts me. I have met quite a few different ladies in all shapes, sizes, race or whatever and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with virtually every one of them. Mostly because of who they are and not how they look. Yes, there is a certain visual component that cannot be denied but the beauty and sex appeal is and always will be from within, imo.
  14. peacectryguy

    Very Hard Communication

    I'm not sure how your opening text goes other than what you said as far as hi or hello. For me, my opening text when contacting any lady is very detailed and is very appreciated. These women receive one line texts so much that it just becomes a burden and a turn-off so a little effort on our part is required to let her know we are serious and a gentleman. An example of mine would be as follows. Hello (her name), My name is ___, my handles on Lyla (and any other relevant site) is peacectryguy. I am a 58 yr old white gentleman living in Dawson Creek BC and see you are advertising in my area. if possible, I would like to visit you while you are here if you aren't already booked up, please. I was hoping for an hour, GFE, on Saturday. Sometime between 4 pm and 8 pm is my window of availability and can be contacted at any time. I have viewed and read your web page and understand all rates, etc. so no need to discuss those. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time. I have found that giving her all this information up front puts her at ease with me before we even meet. On the rates and services thing, though, if they aren't stated in her ad, I would get those once we set up a date. Mostly just the rate so I am prepared with that . Having said all this, if there is still no response, I would chalk it up to either not wishing to see me or whatever and move on. I won't make repeat contact if I get no response. It's pointless.
  15. Welcome, fellow Peace area pooner. I'm just across the border in BC. Having said that, travelling out west in our area can be a little tricky for some of the ladies. Yes, a lot of SP's come out this way and there are a lot of lonely guys making good money, but certain times of the year, it can get pretty slow for a travelling lady. Even ones that are well known and have stellar reviews. I recently visited one of my favorite ladies in GP and she was struggling. I was her only booking for Saturday evening. The only good part of that was she had time to kill so I took her out and bought her dinner. But it makes it tough when a lady spends the money on a hotel, travel and other expenses and only has a handful of clients. Even places like Calgary and Edmonton can be hit and miss at times though so not sure what it all means. Of course, weekends in summer and early fall may be slow due to guys going out on camping trips or hunting or fishing, who knows. The alternative may be weekday visits but then guys working long hours like myself may not be able to find the time to visit or may be too tired. I'm not trying to discourage any of you ladies from coming out west because I am always interested in meeting beautiful women and having fun. Just saying, you have to chat with fellow providers who spend time here and get a feel for when timing is good. At any rate, Miss Brooke, good luck and safe journeys, wherever they may lead.