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Tantric Cravings?

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There is nothing I enjoy more than the seduction of a big strong man. As a woman who likes to be handled animalistically, I don't mind being tossed on a bed, grabbed by my hips to get penetrated doggy style. But it's not always just about the deed. I also enjoy a long drawn out session of softcore foreplay entailing plenty of oral navigation, and a plethora of tantric exploring. I believe in heightening senses to maximize pleasures as well as holding off for the big one, but getting there without too much pleasure torture. Passionate sex sessions are so far and few between, I find myself craving the BIG BANG!


After a long winded session, I enjoy massaging my partner's body with my mouth, hair and breasts to wind down. Using anything other than my hands is sexy, fun and taboo. These are some of the things I really crave...what are some of your tantric cravings?

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