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Sweet Angel - Zoe Prestige

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Last night I broke out of my cocoon and flittered over to Prestige to sample the sweet nectar of their Asian flower, Zoe.


Knowing it was her birthday I brought a bouquet of Pink Roses for Zoe to put in her Garden of Eden.


After sorting things out, we toasted each other with our favorite, an iced Baileys.


Then we settled into each other arms to celebrate another year of friendship.


Nestled back in our private meadow, we twisted and turned until the warmth of our bodies caused a sensous flow, the sweet taste of nectar I could not get enough of.


This Asian Flower, always in full bloom. Her beauty exquisite, her scent intoxicating. Mother Nature has gifted us with a treasured garden.


See for yourself, book a tour of the Garden and let Mother Nature share this amazing Thai Flower with you.


Thank you My Sweet Angel for another spectacular visit.



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