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Hello Everyone !


A regular gentleman of mine made me aware this morning that a companion is using some of my pictures on her BP ad in the Ottawa/Gatineau section. I am trying to bring attention to her ad so that everyone knows this is not me posting. I have and multiple people have reported the ad and I also sent a text message to the companion to take the ad down and of course no reply back. I ask that everyone please report her ad as well.






Many thanks and appreciation xoxo

Taylor, Olivia Devine

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Current ad:



I also posted this in the discussion forum to be sure people see it. I'm not sure how many people check this section and I would hate for someone to get ripped off.


The pics in red are stolen from a well known, reviewed and reputable provider who goes by the name of Taylor Devine (Crave Taylor now Taylor, Olivia Devine).


I have also messaged Taylor to let her know about someone using her photos and I have her blessing to post this message.


Hopefully this helps a few mooks drunk on St. Paddy's day cheer avoid a downer.




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