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Energetic, passionate kisser, & french Maxime *Last few day to prebook!

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[U][SIZE=5]French Maxime Dupuis
Visiting Grande Prairie[/SIZE][/U]

[B]APRIL 2018[/B]

How to book an appointment
Maxime Dupuis

I am working on a new one!

[CENTER][B]MAY 23RD 2018[/B]



Due to expense (flight, hotel, advertising, food and everything else) I need set amount of booking with e-transfers (you can also deposit direct to my bank account) before I confirmed my tour.

[B][U]This how I will proceed for all future touring & booking. [/U][/B]
1. Visit my website

2. Visit section[U] Availability[/U] and [U]pick a time[/U] usually goes that way:

[B]9am, 10.30am, Noon, 1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm [/B]
*The calendar is accurate in the section â??availabilityâ? of my website.

3. I want to remind you that I am low volume provider, I book only 1 to 3 appointments/ days depending of the duration of those meeting, my schedule can fill up quick
& I might only take one booking. I preferred & priority to longer engagement.

4. Read the section Booking form & Fill up the form on my website (also on the same pages).

5. You can always text me to ask about my menu or any other questions, I will gladly answer!

6. Follow me on Twitter to know any updates, selfies �� or sharing some of my thought ��

7. When I confirm my trip and I am ready to book my flight & I have enough prebooking (2 days before my trip) I will contact you & required a deposit of 50%, if you cannot send a e-transfer, I can provide you a bank account that you can deposit directly the deposit to confirm your appointment.

*If you cancel with sufficient noticed, I will gladly apply your deposit toward your next visit. if you canceled last minute I will keep X$ to cover the cost of my expense and the reminder will goes toward your next appointment. Understand It can be hard for me to fill up your spot!

Prebooking are important for me, it show me your interest, your excitation & your commitment and it help me to come visiting you more often!

If I donâ??t have enough booking with deposit it doesnâ??t make sense for me to tour in your city,
I will have no choice to cancel my tour and stay in Calgary, where I am available at my incall.

I want to encourage you to prebook for my upcoming tour.
I am currently offering a promotion for longer engagement & that promotion will not be available during my tour, so make sure you book your time now![/LEFT]

[B]My donation will increase during the summer, take advantage of that promotion. [/B]
[I]+Please mentioned this promo in your booking form.
+Must be booked by the limit date[/I]

1H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$280[/COLOR] REGULAR 300
1.5H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$475[/COLOR] REGULAR 500
2H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$550[/COLOR] REGULAR 600
3H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$800[/COLOR] REGULAR 900
~ 4H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$1000[/COLOR] REGULAR 1200
~ 6H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$1500[/COLOR] REGULAR 1800
~ 12H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$2000[/COLOR] REGULAR 3000
Overnight 24H [COLOR="#FF0000"]@$2500[/COLOR] REGULAR 3500
[B][U]You can book my entire trip is available with condition [/U][/B]

[B][U]MAY 6TH 2018[/U][/B]


[SIZE=5][B]Currently in [/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]( I am available @ my Incall by Wesbrook Mall / C-Train: Westbrook Station)[/B][/SIZE][/SIZE]

[LEFT][SIZE=5][B]Tour [/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][B][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]I only take 1-3 meetings/day[/COLOR][/U][/B][/SIZE]
[U][B][SIZE=3]June 2018[/SIZE][/B][/U]
[B]Grande Prairie 4th-7th [/B]
*Prebooking & Promotion must be book by June 2nd.
*Possibility of extending
*I will contact you by June 2nd to confirm my tour and our appointment, I will also require deposit of 50% at that time.

Monday 4th; Grande prairie (might have early availability depending of check in)
SPOT AVAILABLE; 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm

Tuesday 5th; Grande prairie
SPOT AVAILABLE; 9am, 10.30am, Noon, 1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm

Wednesday 6th; Grande prairie
SPOT AVAILABLE; 9am, 10.30am, Noon, 1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm

Thursday 7th; Grande prairie
SPOT AVAILABLE; 9am, 10.30am, Noon, 1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm


APRIL 2018

[U]REVIEWS:[/U][URL="https://maximedupuismtl.wixsite.com/maximedupuismtl/to-read"] Search EliteMaxime or Maxime Dupuis or click here[/URL]
[U]VIDEO[/U][URL="https://vimeo.com/maximedupuis"] https://vimeo.com/maximedupuis[/URL]
[U]TWITTER[/U] [URL="https://twitter.com/maximedupuismtl"]https://twitter.com/maximedupuismtl[/URL]
[U]WEBSITE[/U] [URL="http://bit.ly/2Holgdq"]http://bit.ly/2Holgdq[/URL]
[U]P411[/U]: P114554
Data-check MD1989F
[U]Phone Number;[/U] 613-890-5599 (TEXT ONLY)
[U]Email:[/U] [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

[I]Avec amour et passion,[/I]
Maxime Dupuis

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