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Maria Vega • Latino

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Latina Lover

I pm'd Maria V on a whim and she was available!  I had never been with a Latin girl and this was a chance I would going to take.

Good Choice!

Met her at a nice DT condo.   She is a beautiful and striking woman.  She greeted me in a form fitting outfit and took me up.  She has exotic features and big eyes which she uses effectively.  She is fixed on me.   We enjoyed a little Prosecco and talked a bit.  The conversation was easy - I just had to be me.  She is easy going  and classy.  She knows how to entertain.  She smelled great.  Just being close was a stimulating experience.  Anticipating how this was going to go was driving me nuts.  Part of the fun is the expectation, anticipation and being teased a bit.  It was a hot day and I had a shower before the main act.   Toweling off, I am sweating again....I am excited.


I come out in a towel and she is there is a skimpy outfit.  Some closeness, taking in her scent, light caressing, kissing we move to the bedroom.  Finally, both of us unclad we get to feel our bodies together - skin on bare skin.  Her skin has a beautiful skin shade and a soft, soft texture - almost cooling to the skin, but hot.   More kissing caressing.   She takes me into her mouth and I watch in the mirror.  Perhaps I am vain, but watching this in the mirror, we look pretty good. 

I finally take her the way I need.  Each stroke causing moans and tremors.  I move slow and enjoy every thrust, and retreat.  It is incredible.  We continue the pleasure journey.  I can't wait, the cadence increases and I push in deeper and harder.  Her sounds invite me to proceed.  I start to satiate myself and my orgasm is prolonged.  Finally release I collapse.  My legs are weak.  My body is relaxed.  I am tired but wide awake.

We lay naked together, I catch my breath and try to get back to reality.  We chat for a bit and learn some stuff about each other. 

We say our farewells and share some parting glances.  A wonderful experience.  My first Latin experience...is excellent!

Thank you Maria Vega!



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