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Escorts can advertise in this section - Free (Please Read)

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Any independent (Escort, massage, exotic dancer, etc...) can post availability in this section for FREE - you do not need to be a paid advertiser here to use this unless you are working as or with a agency or spa. If you wish to run a banner here for additional exposure please visit this page (Click this link).


Please simply follow these advertising rules & Guidelines...




2) If you post a link to your website please return the link and place our banner on your site (our banner is below). Make sure you website DOES NOT have any PROSTITUTION RELATED STUFF offered that could be considered PROSTITUTION if linking from cerb to your site.


3) If you post a phone number please remember to remove the phone numbers or change it if you cancel or change the number in the future. You can ask the MOD to CENSOR your number if you entered it the same on all the pages.


4) Keep the photos you post under 650 x 650 pixels (If they are too large they will be removed). If you are unsure of size then this is how to know for sure. If you post the photo and it forces cerb to not look proper it is too big for this site.


5) Limit your posts to 1 advertisement per day MAX. If you are an agency or group of ladies then we may make an exception for the ladies who are visiting in cities but if your just spamming the board with ads we will delete them and your account. It's free so please DO NOT abuse it.


6) Do not try to make your title of your post stand out more then others, it makes the site look messy and hard to read. So no using a title like: "***(.)(.)***** LOOK HERE !!! **(.)(.)***" or any special characters to draw additional attention to your post title please. I will just delete the post and you would be waiting your time (and ours).


7) No links to escort directories unless they are on our approved directory list here


:cool: No nude photos



9) Anyone found to be TRAFFICING another human being or posting for another person or under the age of 18 will be BANNED FOR LIFE and REPORTED TO THE AUTHORITIES!



Approved directories are:

- www.escorts-canada.com

- www.localescorts.ca

- www.lyla.com

- www.shemale-canada.com

- www.TorontoFetish.com

- www.escorts-ottawa.ca


At this time all others including free sites like CL are not allowed.


Remember, if you post a link to your personal website return the link please. Place this banner or a text link on your site linking to www.cerb.ca please.




We will randomly check for this and your website would be banned from listing it here if you do not honor this. It's a small price to pay for free advertising.



Thank you :cool:


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