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    Welcome to cerb.

    I (The Moderator) do my best to be friendly and helpful BUT I am very busy so please only PM me if you absolutely need my assistance or need to report an issue with the site or another member. Check the FAQ/RULES area first and the NEW MEMBERS section (you can often ask the other members for help and not take the moderators away from important duties that keep us VERY busy)

    The mods here try to approve moderated messages and posts as often as possible but it can take some time. Please be patient.

    -Sending MULTIPLE pm's to the moderators for the same this just SLOWS down the process (and makes us not like you)
    -People who break the same rules over and over
    -People who DO NOT READ by PM's and Warnings
    -People who get defensive and are unreasonable
    -High Maintenance people

    Sorry, I do not approve any Friend requests, in order to do my job here I must be neutral. Having people on my friends list only complicates this as people will assume the wrong thing.

    I may come across harsh and blunt but remember I am just doing a job here... I will not single out anyone (if you are getting a lot of warnings and infractions it means your breaking the rules - it does not mean I am harassing you) to fix this simply stop breaking the rules (very simple fix!)

    I really am a nice guy ... I just have to make hard choices and must stay impartial. I very much appreciate the help the members, council and other mods provide. I love this community and want to see it move forward in a positive manner and escape the horrible stereotypes society places on our community.

    When faced with a difficult moderator problem my intentions are always good and I follow this guideline..
    (1) what is best for the site
    (2) what will do the LEAST damage or have the LEAST negative outcome.
    (3) what is best for the industry/community as a whole
    (4) what do the majority of our members want?

    I trust the advise and decisions of our council here. It is made up of 10-14 members (split between 1/2 male and 1/2 female members). They help guide the direction of cerb and help make policies and rules here as well by majority votes. They are the VOICE of the members!
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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Holidays to everyone! Lyla Retirement is hard at times! Looks like the new moderator is right on top of things and the site is running nice and smooth. Hope everyone loves the site now that they have had to to acclimate to it. I don't have much time these days to pop in and see whats going on as I am involved in a number of other projects these days but I do miss the site a fair bit and the wonderful people that make up this community. I will still be checking in from time to time. Big thanks to everyone for the many many years and I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas (if you celebrate it) or happy holidays in general to everyone and a happy New year! Best wishes to everyone!
  2. Moved and merged other thread .. .looks like she had some good encounters and now all gone bad
  3. I would like to see what "ELSE" these 2400 middle aged men were eating with the high protein. Keto diets (properly followed) for instance (Low Carb high protein with the correct supplements omegas and vitamins and healthy fats) actually decreases your risk significantly so saying it's the protein causing this high risk is probably false. High protein with high carbohydrate diet essentially fills our body with glucose and empty calories. This raises blood sugar levels, raises the risk of coronary heart disease, elevates triglyceride levels (also increases the risk of heart attacks) and so much more. I believe the culprit in today's diet is the addiction to carbohydrates. Lets face it we evolved from a hunter gather lifestyle just a few thousand years ago where our diets were all natural plants and animals, now look at what we eat! Check out the netflix documentary for KETO in Australia and see what happened to the aboriginals who now eat mostly carbs and all the heart/diabetic issues they ALL have and what life was like in previous generations where everyone was fit and strong and no health issues. They are dying from carbs literally. I hate these studies that claim stuff like this, it's just news for them (Something to post in hopes people read it so they can cash in on the traffic)
  4. I have warned Dragonboater that his comments have been proven incorrect and he is not to mention this collective (including any of the ladies involved) in a negative way here again. I am posting this as I think it is in everyone's best interest to leave this thread in case this is happening anywhere else as well.
  5. No one forces you to do anything here, it is better for your business to join the conversation and be personable but many just advertise and never socially comment and many socially comment and do not bother to advertise. It's free choice and community. We do not allow negative comments either so it's a safe place for the ladies (we do get rid of ladies who are bait and switching or are bad apples so it is also not a place for bad apples to hide). We also have a BAD DATE section for the ladies (once they are verified) to socially chat with each other and help protect one another as well.
  6. Do not advertise sexual services here - you will be banned!
  7. Escorts-Canada use to take all sorts of time to manually review every ad and check for fake photos etc... The ladies all jumped ship and supported BP and CL so what can you do. That is now the "accepted" way and I doubt it will go away any time soon.
  8. EC has never had an encryption cert and never had any issues, just recently the browsers give you those silly warnings. Sure for banking or sites that use credit card etc... that is a concern but just use a unique password on it and your fine, you do not need to enter any personal info or anything that would be considered high risk (or even risky) if the ad was compromised... worst thing is they could change your ad on you and what hacker who has the knowledge to do this would be interested in such a thing?
  9. Bots? Really? It's not a dating site the ladies are actually real. The dating sites use bots to lure the guys as they only have about 2% ladies but the escort sites it is pointless to post fake ads for traffic. It would be a b&s of some kind posting fake ads. Ads are NOT verified that is a big issue with these types of sites so it attracts people who wish to do harm. Instead of assuming and then posting this sort of stuff ask some questions, contact the site owners, etc... Report the fake ads especially. I am not affiliated personally with leolist but I have spoken to the owner of the site and I feel they have very good intentions
  10. Its pretty obvious you either own or are affiliated this this site. EC and LEOLIST are the current directory sponsors here (they are paying the bills to allow you to advertise here for free as a indie escort/massage provider) that being said trying to steal traffic for your own directory site is not cool. It will be censored at this time (sorry but I do censor directories that come here and spam or false advertise).
  11. well the obvious is LYLA.COM also try our sponsors... www.escorts-canada.com www.leolist.cc Also... EC does have free text ads too. http://www.escorts-canada.com/textads/ALL/list.html
  12. well the obvious is LYLA.COM also try our sponsors... www.escorts-canada.com www.leolist.cc Also... EC does have free text ads too. http://www.escorts-canada.com/textads/ALL/list.html
  13. The album issues we believe have been all resolved
  14. I am told that leolist is blocked from US based IP's. They focus on Canada so they block all US traffic
  15. well the obvious is LYLA.COM also try our sponsors... www.escorts-canada.com www.leolist.cc Also... EC does have free text ads too. http://www.escorts-canada.com/textads/ALL/list.html
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