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Hello, 😀


I am thinking of Travelling to Northern New Brunswick This summer probably a few times a month


I was wondering as I am a SP, if there is a need for more girls In that area ! 


I am new here to Lyla so getting used to it, I have saw a few posts regarding this so I am testing the waters to see if I will still be able to Service clients in that area if there is a need for new girls there. I have other girls that can travel there from time to time all this summer.  


I'd love to hear some feedback if you are from that area or know of it. Looking for areas such as Grand falls, Edmundston, Cambeltown, Bathurst , and surrounding areas. 


I know VIP used to be around thoee areas and have heard they are no longer around ? 


Also Thank you In Advance for any info will be helpful!!💜💋



Violet Sin 20190518_175957.jpg.7b4fe14ca4ca3e79165a8dbe99588fa3.jpg2

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