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  1. oh la la, a visit with Hailey is just what the Dr ordered! might not be a 5 star location, but warm and friendly, cozy and clean! good job our meetings are during lunch hour! enjoy the pleasures and be safe!
  2. Happy Friday, Has anyone seen "Natural Beauty Jenna" she is in Moncton today, 32 years young ! just asking!
  3. Beesh, You would like a few more lines, hmmmmm, Hailey's location is not a 5 star location but very comfortable in my eyes! neat and tidy, warm and cozy. She made this "happy fisherman" happy! as for intimate? what 2 people do behind closed doors is between them! She has been very good at returning my messages when available. I am hoping our schedules allow us to have another date. CHEERS!
  4. seen their add for the Miramichi, never made contact!
  5. MY FIRST VISIT WITH Hailey from Moncton WAS AWESOME, Looking forward to another meeting soon!
  6. I was able to make connections with "Hailey in Moncton" very nice time, and enjoyable!
  7. I had a lovely evening with "Hailey" yes she is Verified and her photos are off her, not cut and paste. very safe evening!
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