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I honestly don't think this is the appropriate place to post this, as its a 50/50 good session turned bad. If its not the appropriate section, hopefully mods can move it, instead of deleting it. 

I met Ashli after contemplating seeing her for a month or two, even wanting to goto PEI from Moncton to see her at one point. When she came to visit Moncton I had been so swamped with work I never got a chance right away. 


Last week I had the opportunity to meet her, we had set a time - I got ready and was waiting, I waited like 45 minutes and long story short - we didn't meet that night, due to some errors on both parts - mostly hers. Following day we set a time of 9:30, same as last time - Got ready, waited, and waited... and waited, at this point like an hour after our scheduled meeting time. Until she finally gave me the address to her Airbnb... Got there, messaged said I was there - sat in my car for another 25 minutes as she wasn't finished getting ready and later on had a "wardrobe malfunction" (In the back of my mind I'm like, does it matter, cause whatever it is it'll be off shortly...)


Finally, she says she's ready - Goto the door, the door is already open - she's not there to meet me, she's in another room - which threw me for a loop, normally I'd like to meet someone at the door instead of walking in at random. Walk in, she comes out - As advertised - pictures are legit, better in person. Bubbly and cheerful, really put me at ease - We talked for like 20 minutes before we even did anything, she's very spiritual.- without going into detail. 


Finally we begin our session, and it was great - I had a lot of fun, again without going into detail. I was actually looking forward to meeting her again before she left Moncton and had mentioned to her to let me know before she leaves. She agreed. 


(Everything below is in screenshots, but I rather not post whereas my account is still moderated and I don't know if its against TOS to upload them)


I had a great sleep that night haha - I woke up, went to work and sent her a quick text saying thanks again and again for her to send me a quick message about when she intends on leaving to set upon another session - She didn't reply for some time, but eventually got back to me asking if I could check LL and see if her post was in top position as she paid for it...etc. I responded back mentioning I didn't see it and sent a few screenshots showing, she said she had spent money and was frustrated and hadn't gotten any calls, further on saying she spent all her money on upgrading the post. (She ended up posting in the wrong section for reference sake)


This is where the confusing part begins - She said it in a way that I at first didn't understand and asked for clarification - Said I couldn't go see her that night. She was asking me to be gracious and ease her woes - Further on stating she wanted me to e-transfer her money and in turn our next visit she would give me a little more time or try something extra, per se - And that she was fighting with LL for 6 hours (she wasn't fighting, more or less waiting) and how she needed the extra money to re-post her ad and how she missed rush hour and hasn't eaten all day "I'm asking for a favour as a friend" (Keep in mind I met her less than 24 hours ago at this point)


At this point it's really late, I had a long day and had just sent a final message saying I don't know how you want me to help you, and apologized saying I don't think I understand what you're asking, and said I'm really tired - If I don'r respond I more than likely passed out. I had mentioned I do not feel comfortable sending an e-transfer because I would rather not divulge personal information to her, as I do not know the type of person she is, other than having one session with her. I ended my conversation there and passed out...


I wake up at 3 am, nature was calling - thankfully not her. To a short, but straight forward text message saying:


"I'm not angry, but I feel let down. Profitable escorts and Satisfied Clients work best under "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" and that I always give genuine service, and there are a handful of gents who get above and beyond treatment. Those guys are there for me when I was in a jam. Sadly this just limited the extent of my generosity in our business dealings. Goodnight"


10 minutes later:


"Actually, yes I am mad! - Your response was not that you couldn't help, but you didn't want to - not even enough for a bagel - I'm sitting here and it's getting me very anxious and I'm starving. Due to your decision I'm asking that you do not contact me again! - Review me bad if that's your style! I have no room for those who cannot help my days a little brighter as it goes back around. I'm serious do not contact me"


Obviously I responded, but hindsight - probably should've just severed ties there:


"Yikes. Sorry? You're right - I didn't want to, I didn't want to send you an e-transfer for privacy reasons. It's not that I don't think you're a nice person or what not it's solely cause, I met you 24hr before you sent me this message. Sending an e-transfer sends you my personal email, and my legal name - two things I'd like to keep secretive until I'm more comfortable with who you are. Your request is something I could have assisted with, but physically give you what you were asking for. I think our time together was great, and I was looking forward to being able to see you again. I understand you're having complications with LL and I wish there was more that I could do to remedy the issue but unfortunately I have no control over how the site works. I had a very long day, to the point where I was dozing off driving home. As soon as I got home I went to bed. I passed out immediately after sending you a message at 10:44pm - Exactly and hour later you sent me a text telling me not to contact you again cause I was unwilling to give you money for food and for your ad. Had you asked me this earlier in the day I would've invited you out for dinner and tried to help you with your post, but instead it was too late. Anyways, if you insist I will not contact you again and if you absolutely so request I can leave an honest review about my experience with you up until this point. I haven't done anything as of yet, as I've been busy - Have a good day" This was two days ago from time of posting


She continued beyond that but it was a bunch of nonsense. Maybe it was just a bad experience all in all, but I wanted to post what happen to me to warn others, just to be cautious if you decide to meet her. 



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Yes, I think this Belings Right Here.. In this Section. Personally, you have "No Reason For Feeling Bad.. Nor Guilt SixOh". The "Poor Me Story" .. Works on Some (Extra's ..I Bet Extra's) 🤔 but Doesn't Work on All. Some "Fly High"... When They Shouldn't Fly At All. 

Stay Safe... And Think With Your Big Head All xoxo's 💋

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Hello all, besides the above mentioned mixed 50/50 review, has anyone else had any experience of the said SP? 

I see she is advertising almost daily on LL. 

Any other information would be appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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She tried to contact me again to remove this review.


She also just change her name on her postings to Sasha - Just an FYI for anyone reading this.

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