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Melissa on LL - Double Bait and Switch

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I have been in 'hobbying' for a long time now.

I just had my first negative experience tonight.

I try to do my best to work out any potential issues ahead of time (check the phone number online, look for stolen pics, don't frequent locations with a bad vibe, etc.).

Tonight was my fault really.

The woman was not the one in the picture.

Normally, I leave at this point, out of principal.

But she was attractive, so I decided to stay.

As soon as she had the cash in hand, she left the room and another woman took her place.

I was pretty distraught at the double bait and switch, and feeling like what the hell else is going to take place.

I asked for my cash back but that didn't happen.

If you are interested in more specific details, so you can avoid these ladies then pm me.




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