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  1. Mellissa’s ad is down now. The Melissa that comes up on search is not the one I was referring to.
  2. I have been in 'hobbying' for a long time now. I just had my first negative experience tonight. I try to do my best to work out any potential issues ahead of time (check the phone number online, look for stolen pics, don't frequent locations with a bad vibe, etc.). Tonight was my fault really. The woman was not the one in the picture. Normally, I leave at this point, out of principal. But she was attractive, so I decided to stay. As soon as she had the cash in hand, she left the room and another woman took her place. I was pretty distraught at the double bait and switch, and feeling like what the hell else is going to take place. I asked for my cash back but that didn't happen. If you are interested in more specific details, so you can avoid these ladies then pm me. Cheers
  3. I saw her ads awhile back and I was thinking of seeing her. Thank you for any help you can provide. PM if you prefer to communicate that way.
  4. drdrrp, I was wondering what you thought of the Ottawa Escort Magazine Jazy? Could you PM me with any details if you don't think it is appropriate for this thread? I have been interested in seeing her but I don't have an experience with the agency behind OEM. Thank you
  5. Actually, there are two Jazys. The one mentioned in the reco above and the one that advertises in Ottawa Escort Magazine. I have not seen either but both look gorgeous.
  6. Cute, tiny sp - almost no english (and I don't speak French), so it was difficult to communicate. Still she was very accomodating, if a little tense and stiff. The room and bathroom were a little messy and smelled of pot. I would see her again but not one of my top ladies.
  7. I have always been intensely aroused by the stunning beauty of a pregnant woman. Posted via Mobile Device
  8. I guess I am one of the 20% because I love a completely natural kitty. Posted via Mobile Device
  9. I am interested as well. Has anyone out there seen Sierra?
  10. Katrina is amazing! I would highly recommend her. If I could, I would keep her all to myself.
  11. I saw Annie back in January and she told me then that she would be retiring sometime in the summer. She wasn't sure of the exact date but it would be permanent. I had seen Annie a number of times in the past decade. I always thought she was sweet, very precautious, but sweet. I'll miss her.
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