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She removed her ad, but a girl by the name of KAYLA just baited me big time...

If ever you see an ad where it says "You may have seen me at Angies" don't go see her she's a total fake, it wasn't her photos and she was much more attractive in person. Anyways she gets in, I had e-transferred the money, gave her the password, then she texts her driver or whatever and then he calls her and she tries to calm him down because he sounds all pissed off, and then he calls the phone for my apartment building outside. Then she was like you can trust me i'm coming back I need to go see the driver it's the first time i've dealt with him...

She asked me if I wanted to come down with to make sure I didn't get screwed over and I was like leave your jacket which she didn't.


So anyways what was I gonna do if I went down and some big black dude is standing at the door...

I just let her go...


This shit makes me so mad... It never was this bad years ago, now about 80% of everyone are just in it to scam people... It sucks 😞



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