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Barrie Dec 9-11 * Highly Reviewed Blonde Squirter* PSE available !

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Here for a Good Time, Not a LONG time.. 

Highly Reviewed West Coast Blonde 



★ ★ ★ ★


Without sounding like a cheesy tinder profile or a college thesis paper; lets be real, like me. Dont get fooled by my dreamy blue eyes, soft blonde hair, & 34DD perky twins; Im a no bullshit woman, with a warm heart, razor sharp wit, and even better, endless banter. Ill pull you in to line, have you huddled over in laughter and shaking in pleasure. If my athletic body with killer curves doesnt get you hooked I guarantee my killer attitude will. 

Im all ass and nothing but class- well spoken and knowledgeable; but also very worldly with an interest in travel, health, fitness & culture giving me a combination of class and street, classic meets modern. 

I am highly reviewed on all Western Canada Review Boards under both allias , Leah Madison & Leah Laurence ...

Dress and high heels or jacket and sneakers; I can be your cup of tea!

★ ★ ★ ★

Discretion and professionalism are at the heart of my practice, 
and a genuine love for what I do guarantees a service of the highest quality. In one word, I am a playful woman who wants to please you while getting my rocks off!.


★ ★ ★ ★ 

My cell phone will be OFF & I will be unreachable Nov 28-Dec 1.

All serious inquiries I can be reached via email, however please ensure to read my website carefully & include name, age, city, date & town in the initial first contact. Cell phone will be required for confirmation. Thanks

[email protected]



Dec 2 : 7pm to 11pm
Dec 3: 9am to 11pm
Dec 4: 9am to 11pm
Dec 5: 9am to 11am


Ottawa  * DU0S with Roxanne Rose *

 Dec 5 : 9pm to 11pm
 Dec 6 : 9am to 11pm
 Dec 7 : 9am to 11pm
 Dec 8 : 9am to NOON


Barrie :  

Dec 9 : 1pm to 11pm
Dec 10 : 9am to 11pm
Dec 11: 9am to NOON


Toronto Airport :

Dec 11 : 3pm to 11pm
Dec 12: 8am to 10am 

( Flights out to Manitoba )


Winnipeg :

Dec 12 : 4pm to 11pm
Dec 13:  9am  to 11pm
Dec 14 : 9am to 11pm
Dec 15 : 9am to 11am

 (shuttle to Brandon)



Dec 15 5pm to 11pm
Dec 16 :9am to 11pm
Dec 17: 8am to 10am 

(flight to Alberta)



Dec 17:  7pm to 11pm
Dec 18  :9am to 11pm
Dec 19: 9am to 2pm 

Dec 22 flights to British Columbia

Kamloops Dec 22-23
Dec 22: 3pm to 11pm
Dec 23: 9am to 11am


Dec 23 - Jan 4 Holidays ; January Alberta touring before I am taking time off Jan 27- TBD.

★ ★ ★ ★



200.00 hh 300 hour BLISS

250.00 hh 350 hour GFE

300.00 hh 400 hour VIP (anal) 

★ ★ ★ ★


I have a plethora (over 100) of other reviews which can be found on other Boards 

When contacting me ensure to include the following criteria:

** Board Handle **
** Age **
** City **
** Date **
** Time preferred **
** Bliss or Debauchery Package & Duration **

★ ★ ★ ★

Please contact by REAL phone number ( Text apps will be ignored, regardless of references)


I do not book appointments via PM, DM's on Twitter, or EMAIL !

Website :

Twitter :

Snapchat ( Its free, however don't be that guy trying to book over snapchat - TEXT ONLY)



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