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Maria Divina beyond the usual creating effervescent chemistry

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Dear Gentleman

Electing a lady to accompany you might be based
on some common grounds to assure the most rewarding experience.
I don't know better common ground than a mutual respectful approach based
on positive vibes to build a genuine enhancing connection.

If we never met before, let me introduce myself:

I am Maria Divina, a mature & beautiful woman full of joy in her forties.

I am based in Montreal and its large surroundings

So we meet all around (under condition to equal time travel of the actual encounter)
I like to take the time to savour life, could it be for a dinner or any other pleasant human interaction.
My body is 5'3", a mix of muscular + curvy, origins: half mediterranean/half French Quebecois Canadian, living on country side.
I speak English with my delicious French mother tongue accent
You will find everywhere very positive comments & details about what may be our encounter
As I think it is best for me to not brag myself about my extraordinary natural faculties 😉

I'm a very caring educated person, I like to please and be pleased also. I adapt myself to a variety of contexts :-)
And it goes without saying, that a get together of 2 hours & + helps to build this connection we dearly crave
-but if you are a very occupied professional, I understand that life could have its limits sometimes-
-my donations are build in a way to encourage longer over shorter meetings-

Did this picked your curiosity?
We are maybe then meant to meet!

I warmly invite you then to contact me
by email in advance at [email protected]
as I don't meet same day
with your presentation and yes, regular screening is required, solid references and/or deposit

Everything with empathy, courtesy, respect
& most important conviviality
I'm wearing always my legendary smile

Be assured that will be a privilege to meet you

Au plaisir!

Maria Divina xox

MDclassy4.jpgMDclassy8.jpg MariaDivina2.jpgMariaDivina7.jpgMDfall3low.jpg

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