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Luxe Mulvari's Holiday Revue Burlington Dec 17th -19th a.m

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It’s that time of year again, where the air is crisper, the lights are dimmer and we get a little closer… 

This holiday season, Indulge yourself…


Luxe Mulvari’s Holiday Revue

 Delivering everything Santa isn’t allowed to… 





Sparkling, outgoing and witty, allow me to captivate you. I’m Luxe Mulvari, 

A young woman in her early 30’s. An exotic beauty with waist-length raven locks, riveting chocolate almond eyes and a creamy café au lait complexion. 

A sultry paramour with an opulent, confident canvas of which naturally exudes palpable, raw sensuality. 

More importantly, a friendly, upbeat companion with a charismatic personality, a radiant smile and an informal disposition.






An Invitation to the Erotic Discovery of the Senses

Fun flirtations over a glass of wine, building anticipation, connection and chemistry over a fabulous dinner and a private, full-contact erotic dance for your lascivious eyes only at my well-appointed oasis for dessert, followed by the most delectable digestif of all - our fully disrobed bodies caressing one another in unspeakable ways.


An Evening to Remember

 *Exclusive to Lyla Members*

up to 5 hours $750




As integrity is valued and thoughtfulness is appreciated, prearranged visits only.


To indulge your lustful appetite: [email protected]

Website: http://www.LuxeMulvari.co

Twitter: @LuxeMulvari

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