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Learn the secrets of Heaven and Earth - Eda Blackwood

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I want to remind you of that girl next door that you had a crush on for years. I’d love to give you that first kiss that you’ve longed for, or that warm embrace of a long lost friend. I have a cheeky personality, that will make us familiar friends instantly and will leave you with a yearning for more. My soft green eyes are inviting and I have been known to have a devilish smile that will drive you mad with lust. I am known best for being a perceptive, romantic, and sincere young woman, with a thirst for everything new. Will you be my “something new”?



Sensuality and sharing myself with new friends are my raison d’être. Whether it is is for an hour or an overnight your passions are mine for the time we are together. I am just as comfortable out for the evening as I am behind closed doors. Our time together doesn’t need to feel rushed, with the right mix of planning and creativity we can have the time of our lives. I don’t believe in offering a list of services ; If you want our date to flow easily and without complications as if we were meant for one another, then we are a perfect match. All I want is to show you how good life can be if you let the right people in.


schedule :: feravitae.me/heybbuavail
contact :: [email protected]
digits :: 514 . 466 . 9981 (text only)

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