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Riley Rage • White • LL • 0325

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Been a while since I've posted a review so I figured I should rectify that with a review of my new favourite lady, Riley Rage. I met riley back a few months ago in Calgary after seeing she was coming into town. I had previously followed her Twitter because honestly I have a thing for cute, petite and tatted girls. I was subscribed to her only fans already so I was ecstatic when I found out she was coming to town. So I texted her and pre booked for when she had her in call ready, she acomodated and we figured out a time that worked for both of us. It was like living our the fantasy of meeting your favourite pornstar; so naturally I was nervous to not make a fool of myself.... unfortunately I was fumbling over my self when I met her still but she was very understanding and just the perfect girl next door sweetheart personality. 


Her pictures are acurate, she's professional(clean courtesy shower, direct about services and restrictions, polite etc.) Adorable, sweet and sensual; I was very happy with the mood of our session. My preference  for sessions is with quietly confident providers, I'm not into the crazy wild PSE providers. It was a safe session with CBJ and we seemed to vibe enough to have some great foreplay. All of this is why she quickly became my regular that I keep coming back to. There's something reassuring about someone who cares about her reputation and repeat clients. The only downside for me is that she tours a lot so now I have to wait until she's back here :(. Riley is an absolute gem and I can't wait to see her again, counting down the days until she's back!

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