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Virtual Fun - FREE Snapchat

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Virtual Fun

When connecting in person is impossible.



Missing those moments in between our dates? 
Come join me on snapchat for simple fun interactions Mon to Fri 10amish-10pmish. 

*Please Note there will be no nudes in the FREE and content not always be in sexual nature.

There will be no screenshots, or recordings at any time. Automatic block and delete will happen if you do.


Snap: StephanieMustiq


Premium Snapchat:
Monthly 50

6 months 150

1 year 300


Premium will enjoy weekly inspiration pics for those moments alone, story time where I will read an erotic story to you and a fun session once a month where you will get to watch me delight myself at least once.
*Items may be saved in chat but no recording or screenshots*
Screenshots and recording will mean automatic block and no refund 


Mon to Fri 10amish-10pmish

NO SCREENSHOTS OR RECORDINGS AT ANY TIME. You may save things to the chat.



Pen Pal Text packages

Available from 9am-9pm Mon-Fri


15 min - 50
30 min - 75
45 min - 100

60 min - 120


Full Day - 150 

Week - 250

Month - 300


Conversations can be as simple as how was our day to as hot and steamy as we enjoy ourselves. 

Anything over 60 min, will be answered when able. There are moments to enjoy myself and other commitments to be completed in my life.

All funds are due upfront before any time is rendered. Funds are accepted by e-transfer, or bitcoin.  


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