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Would there be interest in Investing Findom?

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I have been throwing this around in my head. I want to see your thoughts. 

Here's the idea; 

I invest with the stock market how I see fit,
I enjoy penny swings and dividends, I am self trained and always learning.
I typically only take a 20% risk volatility (The game is to have an entrance point and an exit point, top and bottom 😜 ) 

I am looking for a min commitment of $1000 (payment options can be arranged). My ideal number in total to work with is $10,000. Min Hold would be one year to allow me to grow the amount 
I Get a 25% commission from the principle amount, plus 50% of all profits.
You would get 50% profits as well, I can send them to you or invest for more growth. If I loose it all, you loose it all.  

I will have a spread sheet set up to show you growth, and send you snaps as we grow, or make you squirm as you loose your pants. 
It's the one time findom will pay you back. 

I am not a license stock broker or any of those things for legal purposes. 
I am one to always want to add value and help build people up. Allow me the opportunity to allow us both to grow. 
If anyone is up for chatting, and making it happen. 

Big hugs, 
Stephanie ❤️ 



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