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⚡️Maxime Luca⚡️ MTL based fierce, intellectual and caring companion - Visiting for the first time - July 19-23th

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If we met each other in the street you would note my fierce and feline gaze with green-yellow eyes. You would then remember the confidence and the character that emanates from my body. My slim silhouette, my small, round and firm breast and the ink on my soft skin will certainly charm you. You could finally decide to challenge me in french, english, spanish, arabic, german or even italian and be baffled by my witty repartee. 

The term passionate often sticks to me because it shows through all my facets, all my words, all my fingerings. I’m moved by philosophical reflection and readings, intellectual connections and the discovery of new sensitive worlds. I’m already feverish at the thought of meeting you, maintaining some refreshing discussion and sharing affinities to build deep intimacy. 


My body is marked by dance, pole and yoga and especially the physical understanding that results from it. This memory of movement shapes my contact with bodies in order to harmonize in a transcendent choreography. The unity of my body and my movements will make you live a magical and sensual moment that will keep you addicted.




1h | 400$
1,5h | 600$
2h | 800$
3h | 1200$
4h | 1400$
Dinner date (4h) | 1300$
Overnight (12h) | 2700$

Take a look at my other




As a bisexual I would be more than delighted to spend some time with you and one of my special girlfriend.
And you are lucky because I'm bringing my favorite lover with me Billie Lux




[email protected]     438-700-6774

Twitter.com/MaximeLuca1    Instagram.com/Maximelucamtl


Can't wait to meet you,


Max xxx







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