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💕Let’s get slippery! Sophia Fae.. Slipping and Sliding into your heart 💕

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Hi friends!

I have studio space in Coquitlam as well as downtown Vancouver. 

I am a true sensualist, my speciality is in creating a safe welcoming space while taking you on a journey of erotic embodiment.

I am professionally trained in a number of different massage modalities, which I weave together to create a truly intimate experience. I use hot oil and a proper massage table, and include bodyslides (there are weight restrictions on my table, so occasionally our combined weight won’t work on the table) and other delicious things in each session.

My most favourite sessions are ones where I can genuinely connect with the person in front of me and explore the heat together.

I can accommodate some fetish play, but I am not a pse provider. Please ask about your specific interests before booking with me, to ensure we are a good match for each other.

If you’re interested in booking some time with me, please review my tryst bio first and then email or text me.

[email protected]



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