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*Nikki Stardust* - Authentic and playful 22 YO

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Thick booty with a delightful personality

Hello, I'm Nikki! I am a 22-year-old who loves to make the most of life. My circle often says that I am endearing, a free spirit, slightly eccentric, and a fan of simplicity and authentic connections. Personally, I would describe myself as a laid-back girl with a natural look (I wear my Converse shoes almost everywhere).

I have been a companion for a year and a half now for various reasons. What I love the most about this occupation is creating an environment of trust and open-mindedness where my companions can feel safe to explore their desires. Feel free to contact me with any special preferences by the way . Although I may not be able to respond to all requests, I am always open to listening to them 🙂

Hoping to meet you soon xx









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