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Hi there I'm new to this kind of stuff and was just wondering what lady you would recommend for someone like me.


I am shy and submissive (not in the BDSM way) and usually awkward around those I haven't know for a while so would like a girl who would take charge. Prefer Korean or Japanese gals and would prefer out-calls rather then in-calls even though in-calls are fine as long as there to a private residence since I wouldn't be comfortable going to a massage parlour or any place like that.


Thank you in advance for your recommendation and hopefully I can grow to be an active user in this community :)

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I'm from the other end of the country, so I can't give you any specific recommendations for Edmonton. But I am shy and awkward, too - and I can tell you that the ladies in this business have seen it all (and then some), and in general they are very happy indeed to take charge. If you're respectful and have a positive attitude, they will lead you ... to some wonderful experiences! Good luck!

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