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Sara (Calgary's Exotic Secret)

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After a wild night out with my boyfriend we decided we would have a

little party of our own. So we looked on and came across

a exotic looking female named Sara. We called and asked if she was

interested in seeing us and she was so we gave her our location

and she arrived in about a half hours time. I met her at the

door she had a lovley warm smile and said hello. She was wearing

a sexy black dress and looked as if she just came from a formal

dinner partry. From there i lead her into my living room where

my boyfriend was, we all got aquainted had some great convo.

I must say she was a absolute delight fully equipped with a

great personality. Her background was spanish and caribbean

her hair was short and she was very well spoken.


After a bottle of champagne we moved our party into the room

where we began to make out. My boyfriend entered the room

about 5 mins later and boy was he ever turned on. He approached

the bed where i started kissing him and Sara slapped on a condom

and began giving him a bj and fingered me at the same time.

When he got on the bed i sat on his face and Sara got on

top and rode him while she kissed me. This was so hot and kinky

i loved every minute of it and so did my man.


I could give more details on our night but im not on here to write a

book, but if you guys are looking for a fun and sexy lady to spend

some time with. I would most definetly recomend Sara from Calgary

you can find her on . Enjoy!!:-P:-P:-P

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Welcome to the site Uniquebombshell and for the recommendation.


I must let other members know however that you are new to the site (just joined the site today) and made this recommendation as your first (and only) post. This tends to look suspecious when this is done so I must warn others to take extra caution at this time.



This does not mean the recommendation is not valid it just means Uniquebombshell has not proven himself to be a trusted source yet. If you have also visited with this lady and agree with Uniquebombshell please let others know by posting your comments below. If you disagree please PM me and explain why so we can ensure it is not a shill post.

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