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New to board and travelling to Windsor area

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Hi All,


Like most, I stumbled across this. Looks like a great board; reviews on the positive side; I like that idea.


As I travel to Windsor monthly, I am hoping this board provides a bit of resource and hoping to contribute back to it.


Thanks all.

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Hey Capp, welcome to Cerb.

Windsor has a few great local ladies & here is a link to

Windsor Ads

To the 2 great girls who helped me out

with info when I visited:



Lexi Champagne

Also we have

Naughty Angel

Here is her Cerb RECO

It may be possible that she is on a break at the moment.

Please do not let a lack of Reco here on Cerb

for the other great women be any kind of deterrent.

The fact is that Cerb simply isn't the review/reco/ad place in Windsor

that it is in Ottawa/Montreal, etc.

And when you visit these ladies sites,

you will see links they have which

will lead you to some more Windsor-centric ad venues.

If you do see someone & have a great time,

get back HERE with a reco.

Help promote the site farther south.


Forgot to qualify that a reco/review here or anywhere,

should ideally be with the lady's permission.

An even more stellar move:

send it to her first for approval.( graphic details, something private, etc)

It will score you major points as a gentleman

enhancing YOUR standing in the future,

which is a great thing if you need references.

Also, know that Cerb requires 5 or 6 quality posts

prior to starting your own reco thread.

You can add on to an existing reco at any time.


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Missed a few things!
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