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    I am a passionate Gent who enjoys cold premium beer and hot women.I am def looking forward in meeting some awesome ladies on here and hopefully join in on the sizzling hot discussions.
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    Passionate Gent Who Enjoys Cold Premium Beer And Hot Women
  1. I think People feel that since those service jobs are "unskilled" labor that don't require additional education or learning a trade to do,that the people doing them must be too stupid or even lazy to do more than that.Theres no basis for that in reality of course.I spent three years working in a Pizza restaurant,another year working in a convenience store ,and about another decade working various customer service jobs.Especially in the food service and C-Store Job,I worked my Butt Off,was paid little,and put up with nastiness everyday from customers.It can be a terrible grind.And Now that I own my own Business it sure helped me to appreciate people that work those kind of jobs and to treat them with respect.
  2. I mostly like the sci fi stuff on tv star gate SG1 STAR trek series I like the zombie stuff as well stuff like The walking dead
  3. been trying to book Claire so far havnt gotten a respond to my friends ad
  4. have you ever booked an SP before Son? Why would you send a money transfer or any transfer to someone who you have never read any reviews on..There are so many beautiful ladies on here which prob take you years to go through all and proper reviews as well wink wink
  5. I wanted to post something in the shoutbox but was not sure whether I could as All I saw were ads
  6. I think us Men prefer To see whats in the mirror than whats actually within us
  7. Being The Guy who likes the curvier ladies I finally decided to check out the new guys around the block secret silhouettes.I booked from the website and got a prompt response 15 minutes later.The Female booker was friendly and answered all the questions and concerns which I had. Sapphire was dressed in thigh high stockings ,garter ,heels and I noticed a few tasteful tattoos as well.I am basically not a FS guy and settled for a sensual deep tissue massage.This girl knows what shes doing getting all into my knots. I had an awesome exploding ending and would def book again.One more thing I forgot to mentions shes more of a curvy girl rather than BBW however I could tell that she really felt comfortable with her figure and what she did.
  8. I heard EmilyJ is pretty Good I have not booked her myself but planning to -
  9. I am basically a GFE kinna guy there fore Cuddling and DFK must always be an option when I book a SP
  10. I am a sucker for ladies in thigh High Stockings garter and long legs.
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