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Whistler, Vancouver and the 2010 games....

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So, the Olympic winter 2010 games are coming to Whistler and Vancouver next month! Who is going to work the event??


FYI: For those planning on going you should know that apparently the roads leading into Whistler are blocked and you require proof that you work, have residence or hotel accommodations in Whistler in order to drive into town.


What does this mean for the ladies? Well, unless they have a hotel booking in Whistler for the games you will probably only be able to get one now in Vancouver... but... the good news is Whistler is what 20 minutes away (Actually as Frosty pointed out to me it's more like 1.5 hours away - I thought it was MUCH closer but still... who visiting Whistler for the games will not want to come see Vancouver too) and the guys can travel freely back and forth between Whistler and Vancouver to see you.


The advertisements on www.escorts-canada.com and www.localescorts.ca are climbing every day with more advertisers planning to cash in on this huge event ... so much that a local Whistler agency is now writing LE and EC letters as they are concerned that the ladies advertising in Whistler are not actually available in Whistler during the games (Many of the ladies probably have hotel reservations already and the rest are hopping that the guys will drive the 20 minutes into Vancouver to see them) either way it's not really a concern for us but it should be a concern for this agency as they will loose business (and I don't think they realize this yet). The touring ladies will scoop all the business from her if she is not advertising everywhere they are as a LOCAL option.


I am sure other local Whistler providers are concerned with this as well as none of them have really ever had to venture online to find advertising but for those who do not... they may very well loose out and miss out on a HUGE opportunity to put Whistler on the map as a entertainment destination for local providers but this gives all the touring ladies a huge opportunity to cash in!


Don't underestimate the Olympics! Many thousands of people will flock to the games and with ticket prices well into the 1000's per seat!!! It attracts a lot of people with very deep pockets from all over the world (including many business men).


Our traffic is now spiking on both EC and LE in Vancouver and Whistler and I am sure it's guys looking to book entertainment for the games (Planning a trip and making sure they book someone in advance). I am sure the traffic on cerb will also spike as guys from all over the world look for available entertainment.


Most of the world knows prostitution is legal in Canada (I think more people outside of Canada know this than inside Canada) so I would suspect the games will bring lots of people looking to indulge in "other" Canadian spots (Bedroom Olympics).

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Whistler to Vancouver 20 minutes?

Maybe in a helicopter or an F1 car


More like 1.5 to 2 hours with Olympic sized traffic congestion 2.5 hrs plus


But still ,good points

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Yikes was I wrong... For some reason I thought it was much closer! Still 123 killometers According to google maps but still... who visiting Whistler for the games would not want to visit Vancouver too (Especially if local whistler ladies can not be found easily?).

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Guest W***ledi*Time

This is the most interesting news item I've seen so far on the Olympic impact; Ethan Baron reports for The Province, 30 Jan 2010:



Olympic fever is taking hold in Metro Vancouver’s sex industry, with businesses and workers preparing to welcome a deluge of visitors.


Vancouver’s most prominent strip club is planning Olympic-themed decorations, but keeping them secret for fear of a clampdown by Olympics authorities. And one Metro Vancouver escort service is hiring dozens of women from across the country for the Games — and is already catering to Olympics-related demand.


In Vancouver, hotel doormen, bell captains and concierges who refer guests to entertainment venues have been warning Brandy Sarionder to expect hordes of clients at her high-end strip club Brandi’s and her massage parlour The Swedish Touch, she says.


“We’ve been told that however busy we think we’re going to be, we’re going to be a thousand times busier than that,” Sarionder says.


Sarionder has hired an additional 10 porters, security guards and bartenders, while dancers from the pool of 70 will work extended hours.


“They’re very excited,” Sarionder says. “I keep trying to make them understand that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. I’m a little worried about my staff burning out.”


To give the strip lounge an Olympic feeling, Sarionder has left up the snowflakes from the Christmas decor, and plans to put up some Games-specific items she wouldn’t reveal.


“I’m afraid to talk about it in case the Olympic police come and say, ‘Take those decorations down,’” Sarionder says.


Canada’s largest escort agency, Carman Fox and Friends, has been receiving
about a hundred applications a week from women hoping to work during the Games
, says owner Carman Fox.


“These are a lot of women who want to be ‘foxes’ just for the Olympics,” Fox says. “We’ve got a lot of girls coming in from Calgary, from Toronto, Edmonton, from all over Canada. Even girls from Victoria want to come in here and work with us for a week, or just for a few days. There’s so many now that I’m doing group interviews — four at a time.”


Fox expects to hire about 30 women for the Olympics, adding to the company’s existing escort pool of 100. Clients will be paying $300 to $400 an hour for most escorts, with
four “VIP foxes” coming in for the Games costing $10,000 an hour
and up, Fox says.


Already, men who have arrived early for the Olympics are swamping Fox’s agency, she says.


A Vancouver escort who goes by the name Classy Angel says she’s sticking with her established clients, and is
turning down four or five requests a day from Olympics visitors hoping to pay $500 an hour for four to six hours
of her company. Many of the men are from Germany, with some contacting her from the U.S. and Eastern Canada, she says.


Vancouver-area dominatrix Miss Jasmine — whose work includes “pony play” in which she wears spurs and rides the man, who wears a saddle and a bit between his teeth — says she’s looking forward to providing her $300-an-hour abuse to police working at and visiting the Games.


“There’s a certain kind of person who’s in that position of power who needs . . . it taken away from them,” Miss Jasmine says.


She expects she’ll be seeing Europeans, from two countries in particular.


“British and Germans are usually really kinky,” she says.


On the streets, Vancouver’s hundred or so local sex-trade workers have seen about 50 additional women arrive in recent months, says Susie Davis, a sex worker heading an effort to open the city’s first legal brothel.


“They think that there’s going to be a huge earning potential off of all of the visitors to the Olympic Games,” Davis says.


Vancouver police aren’t planning any crackdown on prostitution during the Games
, says Const. Lindsey Houghton.


“Street-related prostitution existed before the Games, it will exist during the Games and it will exist after,” Houghton says. “Our enforcement around that will not be any different. We have a dedicated vice unit that works very closely with the girls and the guys . . . to ensure that they are safe.”



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Yes that will be a good place not to be going too IMHO. Good to the ladies that work there now that are only seeing there regs (Angel)


There will be lots of std's that surface out of these events, it happened in Australia!

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Guest W***ledi*Time

Aussie news blurb on Vancouver; nothing terribly exciting, but there's a 3:31 video clip. Carman Fox and Friends and The Cecil are featured in the video. I personally have great memories of The Cecil (albeit 25 years ago).




(of course the claim in the video that "prostitution is illegal in the city" is a faux-pas)

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Guest W***ledi*Time

Katie Drummond reports 3 March 2010 (ha ha ... note aol classifies this as "weird news"):



Sexy Nina, a longtime Vancouver-area escort who owns a bawdy house near the city's downtown, had been looking forward to an influx of foreign clients during February's Olympic Games.


Indeed, Nina says her business tripled during the event. But it wasn't thanks to an influx of visitors in town for the Olympics looking for a good time. Instead, Nina found herself rushing to keep up with local clients invigorated by their city's festive spirit.


"The Games gave us the desire and willingness to connect, the energy to move," she told AOL News. "What an amazing two weeks!"


That's the overwhelming consensus among the city's estimated 1,000 sex workers and affiliated shelters and counseling services. Prior to the Games, concerns were mounting that a surge of out-of-town sex workers, combined with road closures and tourists, could lead to increased competition and unusually riskier working conditions.


For those like Nina, who work indoors and away from the road closures and tourist bustle of Vancouver's downtown, business was booming. But street workers told AOL News that newcomers cut into their earnings -- exactly what they'd been worried about.


"Our members reported that business was slow," said Kerry Porth, the executive director of Prostitution Alternatives Counseling & Education Society (PACE), which offered free media training and nightly outreach sessions during the Games. "But the most important thing is that they were able to work safely.


"None of our worst fears about boorish tourists, increased security and a media onslaught came to pass."


Sex work is legal in the city, although activities associated with it, like owning a bawdy house or soliciting sex, are not. Still, unless they receive a complaint, the Vancouver Police Department usually gives sex workers a wide berth to conduct business. During the Games, they honored their commitment to continue the no-arrest routine.


But Porth does blame a surge in police presence for some of the business slowdown.


"There were police on foot and in cars, all over the usual sex worker neighborhoods," she said. The presence may have kept potential new clients away, but it also secured rowdy areas, and no sex workers reported violence or abuse at the hands of a client during the Games.


The city even donated extra money to PACE, so the organization could stay open overnight, and proffered tickets to Olympics events for sex workers who partook in PACE outreach. "The Olympic spirit certainly infected our members," Porth said.


Several women in the industry had been concerned that out-of-town sex workers might be more than just competition. "They don't know how to operate safely in the city," Susan Davis, a longtime city sex worker, said before the Games.


But Molly G, a Montreal-area sex worker who took the bus to Vancouver for the Olympics, is returning to her hometown this week with nothing but positive impressions of the city and her two-week adventure. "Some local girls here showed me the ropes, and the clients were a lot of fun," she said. "It was just a good time, and I never felt at risk."


With the Games over and foreign tourists and sex workers departing, Vancouver's streets -- and those who stroll it -- will soon return to their same old routine.




"I got off my complacent ass and took on a fresh attitude with advertising," Nina said. "So you'd better believe I'm still enjoying the afterglow!"


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