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I find it very difficult to move away from Apple products when everything I own is Apple, I really do like what is out there in the market for Android phones. But when you can come home, turn on TV and receiver, play music from my Ipad or Iphone, (with over 700 song list) throughout the house ( ceiling speakers throughout ) How can you change... can you move your music purchases from your Apple products to a Android, such as the new galaxy 4-5...I'm asking...anyone know. Thanks


While I am not anti-Apple.. as evidenced by the fact we have an apple desktop... two Ipads an Ipad mini and several Ipods here in the house I personally think the ability to have a 128gig SD card in my BlackBerry Passport allows me greater flexibility then any cloud arrangement (which i can also do with my BlackBerry) I simply put my music on my phone and have it available all the time no data usage to access the cloud.


I can easily update the music every night at home through over the air sync with my home network.


I think everyone already know I am a big BlackBerry fan but everything I just said can also be done on many android phones... no so with Apple who want you captive to their cloud service.


Just my Opinion

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