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  1. I have been. Member of CERB/LYLA for just over 9 years. When I joined it was a very active site with lots of active participants, lots of ladies regularly posting and not just ADs. After the government implemented the new laws around Prostitution this site changed many of the regularly active ladies disappeared and the discussion was dominated by a very small group of "power user" for lack of a better term. At that time the site implemented very stringent rules that further restricted communication on the site and participation dropped dramaticly. It became a chat site about Escorting that did not allow any real discussion of sex... just think about that it's about the business of sex but that's a topic we can't mention. Recommendation had to be cleaned up... free speech was an idea that died and guess what people left. Now if you sign on here there are a small number of members and way more guests that frankly come to check out the escort schedules. I left for a while and then came back ... I tried to post more and try to engage people I contributed on almost every thread each day including the numerous pic threads... and guess what it appears that one of the pictures I posted broke a rule... I don't know what picture or pictures it was but it apparently showed full nudity .... Yep on the chat site about the sex industry not only can't you talk openly about sex you also can show peoples sex organs... I am not talking about pictures of actual sex ... You can't show full nudity and we wonder why membership and activity is down and the usefulness of the site to many has disappeared. 10 year in with an rating of "excellent" and an "Elite Member" status I have been advised that my posts are being "moderated indefinitely" what a farce. By starting this thread and exercising free speech I am expecting that I will be warned, suspended or banned if I'm not for some reason I play on making the moderation as easy as possible for the overworked mods by spending my time on other site. To those who I developed friendships and interacted with I wish you well and will miss the chats, jokes and community sharing. But like so many others I have come to understand that the site is dying that it's usefulness is gone. Just my Opinion
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