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  1. Sorry I am not that familiar with moncton ladies but there is usually a few wonderful ladies who travel east. I think many have canceled travel during covid but hopefully will soon be back on the road. If you see any ads drop me a note and I will tell you if I know them.
  2. I have never considered it a fetishist but I have a compulsion to preform oral on a lady... I know... I know who doesn't lol. It blows my mind to see the effect just a tongue, lips and a few well placed fingers can have on a woman. I love to watch and listen to how the lady reacts ... that initial touch of the tongue... the feel of her hand on the back of my head.... the way you feel her body tense up.... her reaction to two well placed fingers that bend and extend....noticing how her breathing changes.... watching for her lower back to arch .... hearing that little gasp of air just before we are both rewarded. If that was a whole session I would be happy. Just my Opinion
  3. I kinda like the Idea of a "Tried Something New" thread.... it would be great to hear about SPs or Clients who have tried something new.... we all need to be nudged out of our comfort zone from time to time... So ... what have you tried that was new recently...?
  4. Interestingly I have seen way more graphic visuals on Twitter then we allow on here... might be something that is worth a second look... Just my Opinion
  5. This may sound funny but it might be interesting to here from some former active members especially the ladies. For most this us not a long term career so hearing about transition would be very interesting. Lessons learned... and I don't just mean things that went bad. Might be hard to get into contact with them but people here might still have some contact. I have a few retired ladies who I still exchange messages with from time to time. Just an Idea
  6. Well I notice you said "when YOU fall in love" so the question I have is...is it mutual? If it's not.... remember you went into this as a business relationship so you don't have the right to decide it is something different now. If it's mutual then you need to be talking to her and not us. Just my Opinion.
  7. It would be I interesting to hear from Nathalie Lefebvre or Ms. Manda
  8. I gave a quick short reply 2 days ago but after reading many of the posts here I decided to expand on my answer. As I previously said my number 1 criteria is trust and security but in reality that is what I really look for in a first visit but I think the OP was talking about building a client base that stay with you over years. Well to establish that returning client there obviously is a need to make that 1st impression. Many of the very successful ladies seem to work very hard at their advertising... sometimes less said the right way is better then too much detail. Professional pictures help (mind you some ladies selfies make you think they are professional pics) as well as a good website. But the actual words used make all the difference to me.... if it makes me feel that the lady is talking to me...I am hooked. Certainly it does not hurt to be out of this world beautiful and sexy but the reality of this is that beauty and sexy are very individual things. When I first started seeing ladies about 40yrs ago I thought that beautiful and sexy was young, tall, thin with an hourglass figure and big boobs.... I have learned that Beautiful and sexy comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. Over the years I have enjoyed learning that diversity really is a good thing. Like others have said in this thread I think this is more about connection then looks or services. Like most businesses there is always another option for the customer so your competing on service experience or price. In my experience price competition in this industry is a lose/lose. My recommendation focus on the experience and how you can improve the experience... how you can make each customer feel he/she is your only concern. Make it easy and friendly to book, use upscale locations that are safe and discrete. Keep notes on each customer so you can enhance the connection. Some will reply that this is a business so don't make it personal but I am talking about good customer service.... if your coffee shop remembers your name and order your more likely to create a loyalty. Anyway Just My Opinion.
  9. Happy New Year Cato and all you Lyla enthusiasts.
  10. Phaedrus hit the nail on the head. These are very individual and subjective issues. Personally I like connection with ladies I see to not be all fantasy... the opportunity to spend a couple of hours of intimate time with a Beautiful lady is all the fantasy I need. Everyone has their own comfort level with personal sharing. When I first started meeting ladies I saw it as a very transactional event and while enjoyable seemed cold. I have found that I enjoy the the closer connection with ladies I spend time with... I am not talking about deep dark secrets just conversation and sharing that increases the level of humanity in the meeting. The way Society treats this industry as dehumanizing and tells the people who engage in it that that are bad or less and I guess at its worst it certainly could be but that does not have to be the case. Bottom line share as you see fit keeping safety in mind. Whether that sharing is on this board or during meetings does not matter to me. Here I can skip a post if I am not interested. In person if the conversation whatever it is makes the lady more comfortable that's wonderful but one thing I don't do is ask personal question of her. Just my Opinion.
  11. Intermittent fasting.... I thought that was when you occasionally skip a snack between meals.
  12. Unfortunately some people get their kicks out of treating people like that. Many think it's ok to abuse and threaten a SP because they are providing a service that is still not accepted or seen as bad or dirty. I am truly sorry you had this experience.
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