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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    This is a discussion forum and we allow the ladies to post ads the announcements area. These are actually threaded posts.

    For Toronto for instance you can visit the Toronto area for announcements...

    Here is a link:

    Then click on the "Start new thread" button.

    Another good place to advertise is the SHOUT BOX but be sure to read the rules for the shoutbox. Here is a link:


    ***Paid advertising is currently under review and subject to change - we're currently not accepting any new advertisers at this time***

    Paid advertising is another great way to promote your business and help support this great site. To find banner rates please see this link: https://www.lyla.com/advertise



    You can place a Banner on your website to Lyla by using the following Code:

    "<a href="https://lyla.ch" target="_blank"><img src="https://lyla.ch/banners/lylaanimated.gif" alt="lyla.ch"></a>"


    I know many members here do not use the chat feature. As one of the members who does I have witnessed a few things that IMO shouldn't be happening there and that probably have caused some of the members not using it anymore.


    Please when you read this keep in mind is not a rant or me trying to tell others what to do is more like a reminder to all of us and giving my point of view as well as suggesting things that may make a difference in the chat room.


    1. Start and carry conversation politely.


    2. Whisper or use private chat for specific questions, to book, etc.


    3. This apply for sp's and hobbysts ... If you do not get what you were looking for from the person you are chatting with the ideal would be to have the courtesy to notify the other instead of just closing the window/leaving chat.


    4. Guys I know you like to discuss about some of the ladies but what about trying to keep specific details private and perhaps whisper? Keep in mind whisper sometimes fails, I have been a victim of that a couple of times (ok more than that lol)


    5. No arguing or trying to put someone in evidence in open chat or getting other users involved in a particular situation.


    Again, this is not me trying to list rules, just suggestions to keep chat a cool place to get to know other members 🙂

    A: Community members who would prefer not to have their entire DOB displayed should update their profile. If you select the  drop box for year of birth and go to the very top you can select the option "not telling", and year of birth is not shown. In addition, you can select blank options for Day and Month also. - Answer thanks to @ManofFewWords

    A:To gain access to the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area you need one of the following...

    1) Have someone who has access already and knows you personally VOUCH for you. Anyone with VERIFIED INDEPENDENT written under their name has access but they need to have met you personally. 

    2) Another option is to have an ad on Escorts-Canada.com (A paid Profile ad with photos) and it must be online for at least 14 days with no complaints. If you have a past ad on escorts-canada that is no longer online we can still use that as a reference. You will need to open a support ticket on escorts-canada and ask for access to the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area on lyla.com (Include your lyla.com alias with this ticket) http://escorts-canada.com/support

    3) Substantial post history on lyla.com (That is not just ALL ads) with at least 50 or more posts over 4 or more months so you can establish a presence on lyla.com. By this time some members will post recommendations about you and have general discussions about you. Send the MOD a link to your recommendation thread and ask for VERIFIED INDEPENDENT access. We will review and consider your access. 

    We do not allow agencies (or ladies who work for agencies) access to the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area (The current providers have asked to have it this way). You can NOT share information or copy and post information from the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area to other sites. If you disclose any information to anyone outside of the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area you loose your membership on lyla.com (including access to this area). We consider this area highly confidential. By asking for access you are agreeing to these terms. If you vouch for someone and they do this within the first 60 days you both loose your account so be sure not to VOUCH for anyone you do not trust. Make sure you know them personally and know that they are not affiliated with an agency.

    ****Please note you will not be able to post a Recommendation on Lyla, until you've been a member for at least 5 days and have made at least 5 posts****


    A: First we would like to thank you for taking the time to place a Recommendation on Lyla, community members like yourself are what keeps Lyla going :).

    Follow these steps to post a Recommendation:


    1. Go to the Browse (Forums) section of Lyla.ch

    2. Find the Province that you visited the Provider in or if you know the Province of which they frequent. Click on the Province or Expand to show sub categories.

    3. Find the Major City that you visited them in or closest to where you visited them - select that city/cities

    4. Several Threads for that City/Cities will be listed, the top one should read  "City Recommendations" - select this Thread.

    5. Now you should see a big button that reads "New Recommendation" - Click it. - This will take you to the Recommendation Creation Page.

    6. Fill in as Follows - make sure to select the star rating for Appearance, Attitude, Service - and always remember - Lyla is a Positive Recommendation board - negativity is not tolerated. 


    If you don't have anything nice to say, then please don't say anything at all. 

    A:We do not like negative reviews, flames, slander, etc... and most other discussion boards allow this to one extent to another. We know a few exist that do not (that could change at any time however) and if we make the rule for one we really must make it for all.

    also we are working at becoming "The" discussion board for sp's and sp recommendations coast to coast in Canada and also with our VERIFIED INDEPENDENT section we would like to make lyla.com a safe place for ladies in the industry to come and help each other and also contibute in a positive way to the community.

    Media and society already have a grim look in general about the industry and with a clean run board with positive reinforcement, stong community and educated people sites like lyla.com will greatly help the industry where other discussion boards that allow slander, hate, negative comments etc... just add to the stereotypes and have negative effects on the industry.

    A:Hey there, 
    You can place a Banner for Lyla on your website using the following code:


    <a href="https://lyla.ch" target="_blank"><img src="https://lyla.ch/banners/lylaanimated.gif" alt="lyla.ch"></a>