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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    In order to post ads on Lyla, you must first become a Verified Independent. The process is simple:

    - Send 3 photos of yourself (from your registered Lyla email address) in 3 different poses to [email protected]
    - The photos must include a sign which must include 'today's' date
    - The sign must include your username on Lyla
    - The photos must not be edited in any way
    - The sign should also include either the word LeoList (if you are also verified on there), or VIPFavours (if verified on VIPFavours), or Lyla (if you aren't verified on either one).
    We will then review what you have sent to us, and will get back in touch to let you know the outcome.

    Anyone offering any sex acts of any kind cannot advertise those services here on Lyla. You are able to post ads for escort services, but any sexual services mentioned will result in a warning and/or ban. This includes acronyms implying these services or masked words trying to circumvent the censors.

    Advertising on Lyla? You can see our full list of rules at the top of our FAQ page, but here are some things to bear in mind.

    What you can post

    • Topless images (male and female)
    • Prices
    • Availability
    • Permission for clients to send a private message

    What you can't post

    • Mention of sexual services provided (including abbreviations/slang)
    • Nudity (male and female)
    • Pornography
    • Anything negative about other providers

    This is also very straightforward to do, but there are some things all users should keep in mind!

    - All recommendations will be pre-approved before they are published on the site.

    - It is good practice to search for an existing recommendation about a Service Provider, and add your recommendation to an existing thread. 


    To find our recommendations, here are the steps:


    1. Go to the Browse (Forums) section of Lyla.ch

    2. Find the province that you visited the Provider in, or the province you know they frequent. Then click on the province (or expand to show sub categories on the same page).

    3. Find the major city that you visited them in or closest to where you visited them

    4. Several threads for that city will be listed, the top one should read  "(city name) Recommendations" - This is where you need to go!

    5. Now you should see a big button that reads "New Recommendation" . This will take you to the Recommendation Creation Page.

    6. Fill in the options. Make sure to select the star rating for Appearance, Attitude, Service - and always remember - Lyla is a positive board - negativity is not tolerated. 


    If you don't have anything nice to say, then please don't say anything at all! 😉

    • Go to Lyla.ch homepage and make sure the "browse" and "forums" tabs are selected
    • Click the teal "start new topic" button
    • Select which forum you'd like to add the topic to from the drop down list
    • Press continue
    • Write your topic and click submit at the bottom of the page 


    Easy peasy! If you're a provider looking to post an ad in the Lyla forum, follow these steps.:

    • Head to the Lyla homepage
    • Scroll down and you'll see a list of provinces 
    • Click to expand the relevant province that you want your ad to appear in
    • Select "Schedules & Announcements" on the relevant town/city
    • Click the teal "create topic" button
    • Once you've done your post, click "submit topic"


    There are some key points to remember when posting an ad:

    • A URL to an ad must be included in the post
      • We will accept urls to your own websites
    • A telephone number must be included in writing in the body of the ad 
      • It cannot simply feature in the images you post. It must appear as text.
    • No frontal below the waist nudity or graphic nudity
    • Ads cannot contain direct or indirect sexual references
      • E.g. BBBJ, COB, etc.
    • Absolutely no mention of drug use
      • E.g. 420 Friendly

    Make clear to the community what you're about! Perhaps lead with a question or statement and save the detail for ad's text.

    Please do not try to make your post titles stand out from others by using special characters and lots of caps. It makes our head hurt and it's not the look and feel that we want for Lyla.

    For example, this kind of thing isn't allowed.

    • *NEW*ESCORT*BOOK*NOW!* (Usage of * and ALL CAPITAL LETTER words is not permitted)
    • Book Me TODAY only 150.00/hr 444-4444 or www.website.com [email protected] (Rates, phone numbers, websites and emails are not permitted in post titles)

    These however are great examples of what we're looking for:


    • New escort in town, give me call!
    • Let's meet and have an awesome time!
    • I'm new to Ottawa, and look forward to meeting you!

    If it looks like you are trying to make your headline stand out from the rest of the posts in an obvious manner, we will remove the post (and your account). It is a free site to use but if you abuse it, you will not be welcome here.

    If ever in any doubt, ask one of the moderators!🙂

    Community members who would prefer not to have their entire DOB displayed can update their profile to hide this. If you select the drop box for year of birth and go to the very top you can select the option "not telling", and year of birth is not shown. In addition, you can select blank options for Day and Month. 

    You must be 18+ to use and join this website. We may ask you to prove your legal age if at anytime your legal age is in question. If you are under the legal age of 18 you are not welcome to post or view this site. If you are asked for proof of age and you refuse, a bulletin will be posted on the site and your name will be added to a banned users list. All posts about you will be removed and we will tell the Lyla members why you have been placed on this list.

    No - the general discussion area is open for both providers and hobbyists however providers cannot advertise in this area. If the thread is asking for information or names of people who supply a specific service you can reply and let them know you offer that service. Abuse of this however will get you in hot water! 

    Multiple accounts or sharing devices are not permitted unless the accounts are PAID Agency/Spa/Private club accounts


    - Customer and SP share computer (this will appear as a SHILL account)
    - AGENCY and SP share a computer (this will appear as a SECOND advertising account)
    - Banned/suspended users who attempt to make a new account (this will add 30 days or more to your suspension time or get your IP banned altogether)


    - Two independent providers (not agency) sharing a computer (it's best that you let a moderator know upfront)
    - Visiting ladies who share accommodations (it's best that you let a moderator know upfront)

    PM the mod for any other situations before setting up two accounts from the same computer.

    You can place a Lyla banner on your website by using the following Code:

    "<a href="https://lyla.ch" target="_blank"><img src="https://lyla.ch/banners/lylaanimated.gif" alt="lyla.ch"></a>"

    This is a good way to show real recommendations to your prospecting clients. 

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