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  1. I've been away from the hobby for quite a while, and am thinking of returning. For a variety of reasons, I'm finding digging through the various ads daunting, and I'm looking for personal recommendations. I have a major thing for intelligent, slender, small-breasted women. Nothing wrong with other types, just for a first-time welcome back, that's who I'd like to see. Cheerful and friendly a big plus, as are women who are hairless down there. I've noticed a few ads that attract me: Kim, Meaghan , katrinaa (is she TGTBT?), perhaps Pamela. Who am I missing? Are any of the above women I should not consider? PM if you prefer... (I hope I'm doing this right. I expect I'll get told if I'm not :-)
  2. Okay, it was odd enough that the Silver Dollar had a clothing store next door (what, trying to get the girls to cover up?), but I drove past today and discover that the clothing store is gone, replaced by ... ... believe it or not ... ... a mattress store. I guess it'd make "takeout" a little more comfy, I dunno.
  3. Yes, the convenience store is gone, for a while now. Anybody here (besides me :-) ) old enough to remember the previous name of the place? Okay, won't keep you in suspense. It was originally the Country Way, aimed at C&W fans (surprise), back around the time of "Rhinestone Cowboy" and such, if I remember right. I think it changed its name first, and then became a SC. But don't use me as an absolute reference; the Country Way was long enough ago that neither Google or Wikipedia have any information on it.
  4. Do you not think it a little odd that the shop next to the Silver Dollar is a clothing store? Are they trying to give the ladies a hint? Or is it perhaps a place where one could purchase, um, souvenirs of one's time in the CR? :shock: Well, *I* think it's strange. :-)
  5. One might also try Parker; she's in Stittsville, but not far from Kanata. Highly recommended.
  6. "I will not buy this tobacconist; it is scratched."
  7. Chiming in a bit late here -- I met Madison a while back, and was very satisfied. I've intended to repeat, but personal things in my life have got in the way. (Soon, my pet, soon :-)
  8. I echo that ditto. Peachy, your personal health and wellbeing takes precedence over other stuff. Get well, please. DavidO
  9. A Merry Belated XXXmas and a very happy New Year to you to, m'dear. I've *got* to get back to visit again... DavidO
  10. I didn't make myself clear originally -- though I'd asked specifically for her to wear a short-ish skirt and pantyhose, and no bra, no panties, and she'd told me by PM that she had remembered, when I got there she told me that "They didn't have any pantyhose". No idea who "they" are :Cool: I'm not sure how I've been a member for so long with so few posts -- I was sure I was more voluble on here than apparently I have been... DavidO
  11. Yep, coulda been, except that she didn't *have* the desired outfit, in spite of telling me that she'd remembered. Sigh...
  12. I had a meeting recently with a young woman who was visiting Ottawa. She'd been well reviewed, pictures looked nice, all seemed fine and rather up-market. I wanted to treat myself. We traded PMs, and that seemed fine. She allowed as how she'd cater to my clothing request without a problem (I asked her to wear a short skirt and pantyhose, no bra or panties). Nothing *too* weird, but I'm fussy, I admit :-) We set up a meeting time, no prob. I confirmed the details (including wardrobe) the night before by PM, no prob. She pointed me at her phone number, and I gave her mine. I tried to call to get the location details, no answer, left a message. She eventually called me after I PM'ed her, apologized, we set up a new appointment for an hour and a half after our original one, and she asked me to call her when I got to a general area. Phoned when I got to that area, no answer, left another message. She called me back a few minutes later, gave me a location and room number. I arrived, and was disappointed; it's a motel. Oh well, knock on the door, and she answers wearing, yes, a matching bra and panty set. No skirt, no pantyhose (She told me that "They didn't have any." ). Sigh. Anyhow, no money traded hands, the date did not proceed, but it really made me wonder. Why take requests if you won't follow up? Why market yourself as upscale and then stay in a motel? DavidO
  13. Similar boat for me; I can get away before about 2PM, but rarely after. Means I've missed a couple of ladies I *really* wanted to see, too. Sigh...
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