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  1. be on the look out, there is a women in Cornwall posting an add with the title Women For Man!!! Stating that she needs help and that you can work something out! Stay away its a scam, she's offering full services that she doesnt provide. she says she's alone but shes not, i walked in the door she said '' lets get the buisiness side of things done then we can head upstairs and she asks for the $$ and so i gave it to her then she walked into the living room for which i thought was to put the money away then a bearded man came out and made threats telling me to get out of his house and to hurry up before he throws me out and told me not to come back. The address is 1-0-# Prince Arthur. AGAIN STAY AWAY BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. kfuryon_ca


    Had the pleasure of meeting her today she is better looking then her pics by far, she is very sweet and enjoyed my time meeting her she is pleasant and warm
  3. kfuryon_ca

    Brianna (CMJ)

    I met Brianna for the first time today. She was an outstanding young lady. Put me right at ease. She made me feel like we were long lost friends. I don't get into details but I will see her again, again and again. My only regret is I waited so long to meet her. Thank you for making my day CMJ. This girl is a real Jewell don't lose her
  4. kfuryon_ca

    Justine at CMJ

    She is a stunner saw her a couple of weeks age and was blown away by how attractive and pleasing she is. I will and I mean I will see her again and again Additional Comments: She is a stunner saw her a couple of weeks age and was blown away by how attractive and pleasing she is. I will and I mean I will see her again and again
  5. kfuryon_ca

    Mary Mayhem

    I had the pleasure of seeing Mary yesterday. She opened the door dressed as I had requested, and man she looked hot and I knew I was in for a good time. She was easy to talk to, pleasant personally. She has a way making you feel like you the only man in world that matters. way beyond GFE with a touch of PSE. She is very accommodating and has a open menu. she did any request I had in a blink of a eye and she truly enjoyed the encounter as you know the tremor a women has in her legs when she is having fun, the ones you cant fake, she had those. It was a really good time and I will see her again. I can't recommend her enough. Be good to her and she will be great with you
  6. kfuryon_ca

    Weird Situation

    Yes she was compensated but didn't want to take it. She finally did Thanks for the feed back everyone
  7. kfuryon_ca

    Weird Situation

    Today I had a very strange occurrence, but let me stress this was not in any way the ladies fault or agency's. I had booked Lydia from Pink Kitty, but when she opened the door was a very pleasant looking young lady. The only problem she looked very much like my Neice. I was kinda freaked out, so I decided to bail. I explained my problem to her, and she was very understanding her only request is I called the agency. Everything was handled well by everyone. Has anyone had a similar experience? And how did you handle it?
  8. kfuryon_ca

    mz Saddie

    I saw her a couple of weeks ago and wrote a good review on her. She is nice and fun
  9. kfuryon_ca

    Orleans end of town.

    It would nice if there was one near the st laurent center
  10. None of my usual ladies were available so I ended up using an ad in the Sun 6#3-##4-3##1 Stupid me. She sounded really nice on the phone and when I arrived at Unit 4#. She was cute with long black hair. Went to the room gave the donation, within 10 min I felt something was not right, so I decided to end the appointment then she said she wanted lot more money and was on my way out when a guy hiding came out and threatened me, also he tried to stop me I held my ground kept walking to my car and warned him I would call the cops. He backed off. I lost a $100 price of the game I hope this warns those that going away from the regular routes CERB you could wide up a hurt Be careful.
  11. kfuryon_ca

    Guesstimating Agencies on age/height

    I have used them several time when they were T2T and found them allways accurate and the ladies to be high class and fun to be with
  12. kfuryon_ca


    I belive show as they have the same pics and girls Looking foward to seeing them again as I was missing them when the web site was down
  13. kfuryon_ca

    Adorable Chloe

    She great to be with she has sex appeal extreme, well wroth the time
  14. kfuryon_ca

    Alexis and Emma from Pink Kitty

    I had the pleasure of Emma too she is a sweetie
  15. kfuryon_ca

    Emma of PK

    I had the pleasure of being her fourth client. She reminds me of the girl was was in Raiders of the Ark. She is bright and was quite accomadating to any request that I had I would be happy to see her again soo