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  1. The Cornwall ladies must be the best kept secret! lol
  2. The ads have been reappearing on LL and curious if anyone has visited her?
  3. Jessy, you stated that youknew a few that you could recommend. May I ask I'm getting desperate!
  4. Jessy, I thank you for taking the time to reply, that was really kind of you! I will take you up on your suggestion. It sure would be nice to enjoy a passionate moment !
  5. Thank you, not up to speed on searches and where to go. May I ask where and are they positive?
  6. Would anyaone have any information they care to share. Is it legit? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa?q=kelsey#ad7349480
  7. Might be extremely naïve but, is there a MA or SP that is not solely fixated on $$$$. I know that it is a business and that $ is a mandatory. But is there a provider that provides a service that is warm tender, genuine and gives the impression that they actually care. Not wham bam get out! Had on provider ask when I get paid next and sure enough she contacted me that day!
  8. No I have not. The ad was appealing with the photos posted but I was reluctant and thought I would ask first.
  9. Thanks for the info, Was a bit leery of one pic, seems like it appears often in ads!
  10. would anyone have any information on Tegan/Hunter from L L
  11. Why do attendants get so upset when you reply to the question" What are you looking for "with "A nice friendly massage". Im just trying to be brief...not looking for anything specific but a relaxing session, yet I have been hung up on and blocked. Am I wrong in what I am aking?
  12. Unfortunately on this site no news is not exactly a good thing.....lol
  13. By any chance would anyone have any information on the following" **NEW**SpEcialS.come.see.Jess.Massage ***Avail.Now (downtown sandy hill) Thanks
  14. May want to look into Buffy Lee at Massage 21. You wont be disappointed!!!
  15. I also would recommend Buffy Lee Massage 21, excellent massage with a very pleasing erotic finish!!!!
  16. If the athletic look is what you are looking for, then the must see MA is Buffy Lee at massage21. Meets all your criteria and then some!!!!!!
  17. For those aches and pains see Buffy Lee @ massage 21, she provides rmt quality massage and is extremely easy to talk too and very knowlegeable in sports related discomfort.
  18. Buffy Lee at Massage 21 offers the full body treatment that is truly invigorating and the ending is stimulating!!!!
  19. Also please look at Massage21, Buffy Lee provides an excellent massage and all around good service
  20. Buffy Lee at Massage 21...excellent masssage!!
  21. Massage 21 is also very good. Buffy Lee is sweet and charming and provides a very good massage
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