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  1. I agree - very sweet girl for sure. Nice massage and more beautiful that her pictures.
  2. she seems more busty in real life for some reason. sweet girl
  3. I really liked her. great personality, sensuous, and more attractive even than her photos. natural.
  4. Its amazing there is another recommendation today for Zara, I just came back from a first session and was thinking to write one. I had wanted to see Zara for some time after looking at her pictures. But in person she is way more beautiful- trust me. She had on these secretary glasses and looked sophisticated and yet youthful and cute. Really cute. Slim, busty, and petite. The second thing is her touch. Probably one of the most sensuous touches I have ever had. Her light teases in the inner thigh, the warm touch of her breasts was tantric at times. I couldn't hold back. In fact was teased to the point of eager. By the way, she has beautiful breasts. Natural, firm, large and sensitive to touch. The longer I spent with her the closer and easier I felt. The shower was good and almost ready to go back to the room. Repeat? Cant wait.
  5. There was a really cute black girl at Barbs on Saturday daytime, very refined features, slim, beautiful face, great body. Amazing lapdance. amazing. I think she bounces between clubs. anyone know her name?
  6. I spoke to her on the phone only. I pm'd someone else a year or two ago and they saw her at her place outside of montreal and said it was great. While I never made it - she is really intriguing. I also plan on trying to see her. I think she has a British accent...classy and nice.
  7. Had the experience of visiting Bree at Paradise. Really cute girl, pretty large naturals (pics do not do justice) and very sweet and friendly. I think she will be a new popular lady. Those new rooms are really beautiful and classy.
  8. Yes I saw her too and concur about kylie. I spent time with Cassia who is such a knockout. The place has such beautiful women last night, Katrina, Paris...
  9. had a great session there with Vanilla (a person not a fetish) :) a couple of months ago. lots of options. really nice lady.
  10. This girl is incredibly sexy and passionate. Maybe it is just a chemistry thing, but I find myself quickly getting into it with her. She has amazingly large, natural, sensitive and sexy boobs. I could spent my whole time there just admiring and kissing. And, with care, she is very responsive.Her bum is cute too, firm and sexy. She also has a cute look and smile that warms your heart. She really engages me fully in the experience. I recommend booking an extra 10 minutes for relaxed recovery time....
  11. Saw Natasha finally- her photos looked amazing so had to see first hand. She is blond and very cute and I immediately felt comfortable and drawn to her. The initial kiss and embrace was heartfelt. We got on the table and had a great session. She has a beautiful set of perky responsive boobs. It is nice that she gets turned on as well. Looks and genuine warm reception are impressive. Thanks for the session Natasha.
  12. Robyn is such a classy woman. Its a tough question to ask but important. Thank you. As a customer, I get tested every 8-12 months even though I mostly go for lapdances or safe massage. The MP world is pretty satisfying....especially with Robyn.
  13. Last few weekends ive been making the circuit - den, brfax, pmate, barbs, and keep coming back to Barbs. Its such a classy place and the women are stunning. Last night around 9 there were many stunners: Melena, and three or four ladies with large naturals. The place is great.
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