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  1. taylorforfun

    Victoria Phenix??

    What's the consensus on lindsey-misty-victoria? Seen a cl post the seemed common to all 3
  2. taylorforfun

    Alissa Heart

    The Alysa that came to cerb is not the sp, I believe she was making it known that this other person stole her pics. Alysa is the owner of the pics, Alyssa is the sp using this pics that Alysa owns.
  3. I think that being banned from the site speaks to the other side of the story. If I am correct in saying so the mods gave her a chance to repair damages made and she declined to do so. She is responsible for her own actions and if she was willing to owe up to wrongs she has made she would be able to voice her side. I agree this should be moved to the warnings section.
  4. taylorforfun

    Alissa Heart

    Thanks for clearing it up Alysa. I've seen some of your pics, very sexy. It's unfortunate that someone has stolen them and is passing them off as her own. Maybe the mods would prefer to move this to the bait and switch section seeing as how Miss Alissa Heart seems to be one.
  5. taylorforfun

    Alissa Heart

    That's all I needed to hear. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. taylorforfun

    Alissa Heart

    Alissa Heart. Fails the google image test but it wouldn't be the first time I was proven wrong by finding an island sp on an amateurs website. Anyone toftt yet?
  7. taylorforfun

    Everleigh PEI Massage Provider

    Do a quick search on google for her name in ottawa. Theres some more pics and info there. Looks good but can not confirm as I haven't met her
  8. taylorforfun

    Yasmine Star

    I met Yasmine a couple of weeks ago during her first professional trip to town. I was unsure when booking what to expect but I can say she definitely lived up to what I was hoping for. I have a particular soft spot for young ladies with curves in the right places and she did not disappoint! Her playful, yet innocent demeanor really made for a fun session and her skills were certainly more than adequate. I will definitely be repeating in the near future, hopefully while she has a friend with her.
  9. taylorforfun

    Things to Know

    Welcome to the board soulone, Answering your questions outright would be doing you a disservice as there is a whole world of information on here that could be beneficial to you. My advise is to explore the many topics and develop a knowledge that you can call your own. SP's are as varied as the men who enjoy them so there is no blanket statements that could answer questions in a general way. I will leave you with this. While tineye and google image search may help you on CL they are no substitute for the community here. Playing it safe will always be more rewarding in the end.
  10. taylorforfun


    I too recently had the pleasure of meeting Britt. I can easily say it was one of my favourite encounters ever. The extent that Britt goes to provide a nice atmosphere is amazing, right down to transforming a so-so motel room into a welcoming pleasure retreat. She obliged my request for some very sexy lingerie, chose an excellent music selection that set the right mood for both of us, and greeted me in a way that set the tone for an amazing date. The rest will stay between the two of us but I will say that I will definitely return!
  11. taylorforfun

    Any experiences with this girl?

  12. taylorforfun


    Might be a bit off topic here but is there any hotels/motels in the area that rent hourly? I'm looking for a good spot for afternoon trysts.
  13. taylorforfun

    Dishonest sp

    Bravo to the MOD for creating the section. Its unfortunate that we need it but our small island is growing in more ways than we always wish.
  14. taylorforfun

    Dishonest sp

    It's definitely time for a bait and switch time for PEI. There unfortunately are people out there doing this on the island and it can only serve to keep guys safe and protect the reputation of the ladies who run reputable services.
  15. taylorforfun


    I met MsManda on last trip to the island. What else can I say but wow! She met me at the door in a coverup and welcomed me into her upscale hotel room where she had nice smelling candles lit and some fun tools of the trade waiting. Once the door was closed she revealed the outfit I was hoping to see and... What a body... The rest is between her and I but I can say I'll be pre-booking for her next trip ;-)