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    The one and only Everleigh is back .

    To inquire about my services please pm me on here or email at [email protected]

    My old account is still up on here but I can no longer access it .
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    Charlottetown, PEI . Willing to travel as well.
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    I provide GFE/massage time spent with me is never rushed, always safe and relaxing
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  1. I get tested every 2 to 3 months. The most messed up myth I've heard is you can clear a STI with apple cider vinegar in your bath water ☠️☠️☠️ this of course is not true . Ps apple cider vinegar can be great in ur bathwater to stop yeast and such but not STIs
  2. I've been a companion on and off for years and anytime I entertain anyone I have pepper spray very close by at all times . I've only had to show it when one got out of hand ...... Also there's cute little rings with little spikes on them (I call em kitty rings) I know a few ladies that wear them .
  3. The first time I seen or even heard of dental dames was when I first started as a companion in Ottawa 9+ years ago lol . I did a duo with a friend and she pulled one of these suckers out and went to town on my puss 😁 honestly I still remember it very vividly as it was my very first threesome, I'll never forget it! She gave me one to you now 😛😹 and it was watermelon flavored yummy 😋.
  4. Hey all my lovely gents I am back ! I am available for out call Please email [email protected] for more info Hope to hear from you soon ❤️
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