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  1. LOL good point maybe I should name it tomahawk just for the press! no need to be politically correct.
  2. May 25th free pole dancing, 10am-1pm industry only working on choreography and advanced moves. 1-6pm open to the public invite your girl friends, a great place for bacholet/shower type event that will always be remembered. Learn how to pole dance or show off your skills! The doors will be open to ladies only, no men at all. Any ladies that want to test the waters, no fees for the first visit, never any fees if you start before noon. Parking at 5017 Bank
  3. Hello all, I am still alive and kicking and want to let you know that I have found my way into the SC business. Some of you maybe familiar with the failing trashy establishment that was Canada Cabaret/Diamonds Gentlemen's club etc... When I found out the owner might be interested in selling I immediately thought of the glory days of Gypsy Rose with features great dancers and one of the best stage shows in the city. A modern twist would include burlesque, maybe a bit of stand up comedy, lets break the mold. IMHO it seems like the local clubs are riding that edge between strip club and hand job parlor, I want to bring the show back to show bar. Ok now I will step off my soap box, Obviously the new place needs a new name, if anyone here can help get a new name I am will to put up some skin! If we use your name there will be a $50 bar tab, if your suggestions lead to a name $20 bar tab! Thank you in advance for your help!!
  4. It has been lots of fun over the years, got to meet many of you, and even meat some you too :). To the ladies that I have had a chance to play with thanks for giving me this special gift and I hope I did not take to much from you. As for you guys, I hope you get what you are looking for, remember research research research, and if that does not work use you gut! Thanks all, if you want to stay in touch you can find info about me here; http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/group.php?groupid=19
  5. I am making arrangements to leave cerb the last thing to do is figure out how to move this group to someone else if I get rid of my account, the other option is just to abandon the account. If any of you are interested I will be doing mail outs to a BBC list of events in the area just send me an email and I will make sure you are on the list [email protected]
  6. Still some spots available for this Saturday early afternoon :) email me for details [email protected]
  7. Also there are 976 members here on my gorup and I only have 169 friends? How did that happen? If you like my group shoot me a friend request!
  8. Things seem to pick up in September lets try something for a social then (definitions are in the blurb above!) In the mean time there is a Bukkake on August 18th after work 4:30-5:30 100$ cover it should be lots of fun! I am thinking of hitting a patio around 3pm close to the location for a drink or 2 if any of you want to hang out a bit before.
  9. Going to try another Bukkake session Thursday august 18th after work again 100 at the door :) the lady has not been selected if any of you ladies might be interest please let me know. cim, cof, cob, bbbj hj, digits expected no FS etc
  10. August 13th early afternoon party still has a space, a most delicious lady with lots of talent will be entertaining us! 200 at the door.
  11. Thursday August 4th sweetmadison will be hosting a party at her down town pad, 200 at the door, contact me or her to confirm.
  12. It was a lot of fun thanks to those that showed up and came :) Going to do it again with a different lady in a few weeks !! Best to pm me about this stuff I don't really read the threads here.
  13. zorobaby I think bcguy can hook us up book the limo and I can sort out the rest!!
  14. If you have not looked in the poly party group section but are interested in an hour of Bukkake (look it up if you don't know urbandictionary.com). It will be lots of fun and the cost for entry is $100. have a look here; http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/group.php?groupid=19&pp=10&page=2 We could use some more bodies for sure!!! Today Down Town at 4:30 to 5:30
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