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  1. Katrine Cannon, she's stunning and extremely fit... Her profile page: http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/member.php?u=33803 Kim
  2. Firstly, I don't believe rep points are solely generated by amount "Thanks" given. Rather, they're given when someone leaves a comment on your posts using this button as well: Secondly, the "rep point system" predates the current platform. Prior to the implementation of the "Thanks" button, members were given the option of adding to ones rep points by agreeing, or *disagreeing with the posts (*which removed rep points). The amount of points given was dependent on who gave the points, the higher the "reputation" of the giver, the higher the points given. Which leads to the situation we have now, that some posters without many "Thanks" or posts may have higher than expected rep points. Now the system allots a predetermined amount of points per "post comment" regardless of who gives those points. Wow, that ended up being wordier than I anticipated! Kim ** Edit - As well, if you go to your user CP (upper left hand side of any page) and scroll down to your rep point count you can see your actual total. For instance if you hover over the "rep points bar" on my posts it states I have over 10,000 rep points. In reality I have 37,000, but the system only updates the hover in intervals of over 10,000 - 50,000 - 75,000 - 100,000.
  3. ^ This is the most relevant thing posted in this entire thread. imo Kimberly-Shea, Sex Worker
  4. Kimberly-Shea


    So pretty Sindy, you look fantastic! Love the hair xox
  5. ^^This is the clearest thing I hope clients hear today. I'm always amazed by how many of our clientele are politically aligned with parties that abhor them? Honestly, it's nauseating. Kim
  6. You missed the whole quote, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence" - Oscar Wilde ^^ I agree with that guy ;) Kim
  7. Rude is very easy to decipher. The post itself however, is completely unintelligible. :icon_wink: I assumed you were drunk. (I still kinda do.) :icon_wink: :icon_wink: :icon_wink: Clearly you don't want to discuss anything, you wanted to make a speech. So, job done. Goodnight Christy, Kim EDIT: (To the topic at hand, I "thank" posts I find funny, bright, helpful or interesting. Who the poster is has no bearing on it.)
  8. You've lost me, I have no idea what this post even means? The above is needlessly rude. imo Starting a thread doesn't allow you dictate who can post or what opinion they may have. You asked a question but whenever given an answer you don't agree with you attack the post/er. When you repeatedly post passive aggressively about what you perceive "others" are doing wrong, eventually someone will point out it's best to worry about your own posts/business rather than harp on what everyone else is up to. kwim? As evidenced by a few of your recent threads, if you seek out drama you will find it. Kim
  9. I've never been a fan of the envelope system. I sometimes wonder "Is it just full of Canadian Tire money?" and take a peek, just to be safe..lol I guess some people find it less, crass and feel it's classier? I don't know. As long as you don't show up with a ziploc full of loonies, or whip out your wallet and count it out into my hand (that's a mood killer), I'm fine with no envelope. Kim
  10. I don't think anyone hates your guts. I don't. I will say, I did find your posts off topic and needlessly insulting. My response was in irritation/jest and an attempt to show you that opinions on what is considered "quality" varies widely. Sweeping generalizations tend to annoy people, simple as that. I think referring to women as "8's or 10's", won't ever get you the response you're hoping for. Most importantly, alluding to "sex workers" uglying up the joint, on an escort rec board doesn't seem like the best idea, no? Don't take it personally, and I'll try and do the same. ;) Happy Easter, Kim
  11. Okay guys.. Cause we all know the late 80's - early 90's were the golden age of beauty.. :icon_confused: ** Take note ladies: tan lines, rock in a sock boob jobs, big sprayed out crispy mullets, cocaine mustaches & the sultry sounds of - White Snake.. Are the standard we are no longer living up to...lol Kim :icon_wink:
  12. Are we sure he's not talking about an actual cat? A la.... :wink: ?? Kim
  13. Kimberly-Shea


    Stunning pic Rebecca xox
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