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  1. I found ruby dreams profile and her contact info is the same as amber diamonds. I already tried booking with Amber but she said I needed a way to verify myself with another provider or provide something that would prove my identity. The first option was a no go and the latter I'm definately not doing. I probably came across as a murderer on the phone or something lol
  2. I don't know about any FB postings but I tried to toftt with Kari even with her fake pics and all but she didn't reply to my texts hahaha. I'm about to give up.
  3. Are there any local providers worth seeing? Preferably someone that I don't have to do too much verification with as I don't have any recent history in this area. Help would be much appreciated!
  4. Well, I have experience with her now. The pics are not of her. She is not 24 more like 40 some, is not 100lbs and no showers together, kissing, nor massage like what she says on profile. Basically if you read her ad just imagine the opposite.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with her? I find that Asians often use fake pics and lie about age. If anyone can confirm she is legit it would be great.
  6. When I first stepped into her room the first thing that came to my mind was that great ass she has. Of course she was also beautiful and nice too putting me at ease with a big hug. She requested that I wash my hands and mouthwash was available to use as well. Now back to her butt, man it was absolutely amazing and I still see it in my dreams. It has like the perfect bounce, the perfect softness. She plays everything very safe so always covered. We kissed and did multiple positions, she's surprisingly more flexible than I had thought. I don't repeat with SP's but if I did she would be on my see again list. Definitely wasn't disappointed.
  7. I seen this on the CJ. Anyone have reviews on this place? And is it the same SP, the one with the braided hair and tanned skin, "Brooke in the bay" or whatever she used to go by that is running the place?
  8. Can someone provide an update on this place such as which ladies are the best to see. From what I've read the best ladies have either retired, or went somewhere else.
  9. Tried leaving a review but didn't know I wasn't allowed to. If anyone wants to know how it went just PM me.
  10. Her ad is on CL and Chronicle Journal. I toftt because no one else seems to want to share anything...bastards. Anyways... Cali is about 5'4 and weighs 130-140. She has a tattoo on her back but I forgot what it was of since I was too busy playing with her huge tits. She advertises a G cup but maybe not that big although still pretty big lol, not a breast size expert, they are natural though. Shes has blond hair and looks alright. Nice Personality. She does everything very safe so don't expect bbbj or touching the Y. Shes not gfe as she said she doesn't do kissing. Every position I could think of she was willing to try so thats a plus. Didn't ask for greek. Her incall is in a really safe neighborhood so no worries there. I did smell smoke so she might be a smoker but I didn't say anything about it. This was my first CL attempt and based on all the crap I hear about it I really thought I was going to be screwed and not in the good way so I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't have high expectations so based on that my overall score I would give this experience a 7/10
  11. yes I would also like to know. More people should share their experiences.
  12. I know CL is generally a bad thing but there doesnt seem to be many options in Tbay. Does anyone know if shes safe and legit?
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