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  1. Ya they did. It was only a matter of time they did that in the states weeks ago
  2. jack_nel

    2 college vixens on cl

    Good to know. I hadn't gotten a response at all
  3. Anyone go see these two girls yet? Are they real?
  4. Thanks Karmakiss. I didn't know about leolist. I'll check it out. And just fyi thunder bay is very nice to visit. Just saying.
  5. Does anyone have any info on this girl off CL? https://thunderbay.craigslist.ca/cas/d/satisfaction-is-my-guarantee/6540481534.html
  6. jack_nel

    sexy young brunette

    Has anyone been to see her at all? (Updated link _ http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/sexy-young-brunette-in-out-calls/112367367)
  7. jack_nel

    Destiny 3481

    Took Nastrodamus' advice. Great visit. Look under the Shannon thread as well.
  8. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/spcs-ot-g-r-e-e-k-exotic-b00tyful/62414048 Has anyone seen her at all? Seems legit
  9. Has anyone seen this girl? Is she legitimate?
  10. jack_nel

    Looking for a very authentic GFE

    For local girls jade is pretty great in my opinion
  11. jack_nel

    sweet young babe - 22 on Craigslist

    Have you heard anything? I haven't heard anything at all but I did see she advertises in the chronicle too.
  12. jack_nel

    Top 5?

    Another good indicator is look at the girls who are active on here. Sugar kayne, Jade and Madison sparks come to mind. I have seen Sugar and Jade of those three and both are wonderful ladies.
  13. jack_nel

    Sunkiss cutie on CL

    I have seen her a couple times. She is a pretty fun time
  14. jack_nel


    Has anyone called any of the listings in the chronicle recently and if so any input of the girls?